Do they plan to stop with this p2w joke?

wild is a p2w fest, standard is too, arena/bg are full of rng, are they trying to scare all the players away?


Dragon Hunter is hardly P2W.

I’m not sure how Arena having a lot of RNG makes it P2W.


Feel free to quit and play some other collectible card game instead. Although they all have the same problem in the end. Being “p2w”. Once again demonstrating how you have no idea what the term even means. :slight_smile:

But then again this comes from the same guy who thinks Hearthstone should be just fine selling cosmetics only because games like Fortnite do the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hearthstone’s business model is not perfect. But it’s been working for six years so it must have done something right. And it used to be A LOT more expensive when it was first launched, so they’ve improved it.


yeah ok, you have dragon hunter, mech pal and embiggen druid which are ok then you have what? p2w druid, p2w rogue, p2w war, p2w mage, p2w hunter?

you don’t either apparently

remind what your exp is on those 2 games?

So Mech Paladin is not “p2w”? Strange… How come it’s, or was since the rotation is about to happen, the best performing deck? And Dragon Hunter, which is “ok” according to you, is second best deck before the rotation.

I guess those other decks are NOT winning as much despite being “p2w”. Is that a… Contradiction that I’m reading here? :thinking:

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The best decks in Wild are cheap. Nothing “p2w” about that.

Second verse same as the first.

Kind of a different subject, but I’ll bite. Yeah, arena sucks and has sucked for a while. BG could be improved but RNG is kind of the name of the game in that format.

Sure there’s a discussion to be had about the cost of the game and what it takes to assemble a deck, but being expensive dustwise doesn’t really make specific decks “p2w” in the stereotypical sense. You have better, faster alternatives to these decks that are much more effective at the “w” part of “p2w”, so it’s a bit odd to use “p2w” as a primary descriptor.


Doesn’t matter. That comparison of yours is still dumb and always will be. And I’m not gonna bother to explain it to you again because I and others already have a dozen times by now in other threads in the past.

Just came here to remind you that you’re still wrong. :slight_smile:


it does matter, you’re telling me i’m wrong but you have less exp than me on those 2 games

I can assure you, they are right.
Now stop being obnoxious.


What does your gameplay experience in Fortnite matter when it comes to marketing/monetization of completely different genres of games?


how can you know something about a game if you don’t play or play once a year or play at a very low rank?

How does playing a shooting game give you insight into the best ways to profit off of a digital CCG?

Playing a game makes you better at playing the game. It doesn’t give you multi-genre business insight.


There is, first off, objective data available.
Secondly: you can talk to people who are experienced, and not obnoxious. And then create your opinion on the matter by deciding how valid those sources are.


ask your buddy why he brought fortnite to the table? and are you working for blizzard/activision? you’re a player but you prefer to have a p2w game instead of a f2p one?

Probably because you inevitably do.

No. I can think objectively and logically without being a shill.

Heck, by this reasoning nothing should cost any money, ever.

You exist and think you should pay for something?!?!


You dont like Wild.
You dont like Standard
You dont like Arena
You dont like Battlegrounds.

This game is clearly not for you. Can only suggest to uninstal and move on to another game.


Easy. You read about it. I don’t have to have personally grown oranges in order to know and evaluate the conditions that affect the market for oranges and orange products. Same applies here. You don’t need to be a top legend player to have valid weight in a conversation about the economics of the game, and simply having more experience than someone else doesn’t automatically invalidate theirs and make yours “right”. That excuse is a copout at best and gives the impression that your claim is no stronger than “I’ve played for a while”.


Please stop bullying Shakou


He dug himself into a hole he cannot crawl out of.
We’re just helping him…close said hole.


Umm no. What are you talking about? Game was a lot cheaper when it came out and for like the 1st year or 2.

You had less than half the number of expansions to keep up with…