Do people play anymore?

I’m platinum and my last 4 opponents were Blizz Bots. I’m all for hitting legend but would like a challenge.

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I had a similar experience. Nothing but real people until I hit plat. Then it was nonstop bots. So crazy how bots were ranked higher than normal players.

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No, they were third party bots.

the game is a colossal worldwide scam disguised as a simple game, manipulated and full of algorithms that favor those who pay, especially in the arena, in defiance of any law that controls online gaming with money because in fact you are not paying for a slot machine but you buy dust that you convert into access to the arena, no one checks that the opponent is real and not a blizzard bot, no government authority supervises, blizzard does what it wants and YOU cash cows paid continuously like hamsters in a wheel, that’s all, this is the pure truth


Been wondering that myself – only played like 3 players total in like 46 matches.


I play nearly every day.

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All these bots worry me. If I were to come back to Standard upon rotation/new expansion, it’d be the first time in a year, so I can probably expect a boring shlog of bots at least to Diamond it sounds like.

Platinum is full of bots, most of which are DK. If you manage to get to diamond you’ll find it switches back to mostly human players.

It’s a tough slog through platinum bot country. Wish you the best of luck on your travels.


That’s not nearly what I’m experiencing. I’ve no idea where all these people find all those bots. I see like 2-3 every month

I play more battlegrounds than Hearthstone and I usually play off-meta homebrew decks but honestly, there is a significant bot problem in mercenaries and standard. I don’t understand the financial incentive in comparison to say a game like counter strike.

They are all over the place… Climing to diamond 5, I encountered 5 human players that is IT 5…

Makes me not even want to play this game, as it is PVE only for the most part.

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No, they were Blizzard Bots; copycat. We all know 3rd party bots don’t exist in this perfectly designed, well balanced game. If you say anything bad about this game, we’re going to start stripping your shill points. Get with the program.

Why are you complaining so much about bots?
I play and play to complete the stupid task “Win five games in ranked mode” and I haven’t met any bot, but I would like to because it’s an easy win.

I’ve stopped playing for now, I think Hearthstone is a huge scam, especially the arena mode, money down the toilet

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Not at all.

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Same! And I’m a crappy player who only ever uses my own created decks. I just quit every bot until I lower in rank so I can have some real games - such as they are.

Yah - no that’s not how it works

Unnecessary changes to Wild cards caused me to quit. I’ve pretty much become a card collector at this point.