Discussin about knolls

So i am please about the fact that rogue is stronger thanks to the buffs but i do wonder is knolss fully reverted good for the meta i ask this as a rogue main.
Sometimes it feels bad when i drop all those massive stats early i like the value orientated build alot more but its not as strong.
What do you guys think id like to hear especialy but not only from other rogue players.
Lastly has anyone made a Tess rogue with success yet im still tinkering with my list.

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As someone playing homebrew naga priest. It’s basically GG goodbye if rouge plays a 5/6 rush turn two. There is no way to come back, all i can do is feed it half of my minions.
Putting death in the deck and keeping that on hand is also very bad option.
Best is a trade if I can get a 6/5 turn two with slither and bless but thats also almost the only start that has a decent chance to win for priest sins it’s the only powerful play for the whole class :stuck_out_tongue: so you have too get more value out of it then a single trade.

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All those decks after nerfs are really bad ,they had a good game after 5-6 years and they ruined it again after nerfs.The same rogue and hunter decks everyone plays because some youtubers convinced them they are good.In reality all decks right now are bad decks and you can see this because all decks are around 50%winrate .Bad decks,played by bad players relying in highrolls , not real decisions

gnoll is 4/5 not 5/6.

they are also one of the very few ways that rogue can react to naga priest getting an early board with the 1/3 and a wig since most of the rogue removal nowdays is the 3 damage spells, which naga priest can get out of range in like 1-2 rounds.


Gnolls are fine. Rogue is still garbage vs any class with access to boardclears/armorgain/healing.

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Ok so what i am hearing from my fellow rogues is that we are ok and not overpowered thats good to know :slight_smile:
I was afraid we were going to be too strong early.

I think Rogue is fairly balanced but only because you pretty much highroll and win or don’t and lose. If rogue was consistent I think it would be OP.

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True, the problem is still that alot of the other classes are broken.

can you tell us which card you are talking about beacause im pretty sure it wasnt a knoll

It does create those non-games the devs mention from time to time, but the best meta we’ve had in the past year IMO was the one rogue was at the top in January, so I’m not that bothered about the deck. I only wish they kept it at 6-mana (or reworked Maestra’s interaction) and reverted Scabbs instead.

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If we are discussing a thief/burgle t gue build, then we’ve had that discussion in a previous thread and we both agree it’s fun, fairly well balanced, and that the gnolls in their original iteration, are fair in this meta.
Having said that, the deck we run them in, I am finding, really strongly relies on your discovers from recon.
If you’re finding rat king, mida, colossal, you’re going to be in good shape.

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The lobotomizer should be buffed cuz its still useless self damage burgle trash and no one use it at all
Maestra should have any effect when play by it self, like when cast on the board make an effect like Yoink spell (special power) of the random class we start at the begining

Ditch the Gnolls :wink:

Most classes can get a board down while we are waiting for our discounts.

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What did you replace them with ?