Disconnection glitch/issue

Is anyone else getting a issue where every other game at a random point in the match hearthstone force closes and I have to race back to try and keep me in the game, I’m pretty sure it isn’t the glitch with music apps messing up the game cause it seems to be fixed now♥️. It’s only been for 2 weeks I want to say but man does it suck. (On mobile btw)

The same happens to me, the game freezes (normally in opponent turn) and you only notices it when the rival does nothing for a long time. Then the only solution is restart hearthstone and then you notice you have lost one or two turns, then normally you’re dead

Noticing same issue since the release of the miniset. I only play standard on EU-server, mobile device (iPhone 13, iOS 16.5), not using any kinds of additional software, decktrackers or whatever.
During eneny turn the screen freezes, apart from enemy hovering or board-animations, just like enemy would be thinking very long. Sometimes the rope appears (mostly it doesn‘t), but even after it‘s burnt down, my turn doesn‘t start. After restarting the client, the game/board is in a totaly different state.
If it remains this way, hs will be completely unplayable for me.

The same happens to me

Same, occasionally in BG.