DH is immensely weak in wild

Fought against 7 of them. Only lost twice. We need more of DH in wild! Food, food!

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who would have thought that DH would be weak in a format that’s been having expansions for 6 years AFTER having half of their good cards nerfed ?


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It kept up well, pre-nerfs.
Although the ‘surprise’-factor certainly played a role, it nonetheless shook Wild.

None of us were prepared.


I told you all

I had a headache trying to understand your 2nd sentence… what do you mean

I knew it myself.
Because that was obvious.
I called Aggro Mech Paladin when they announced the Crystology buff.

And no one believed me.
DH: duh.

Although it was a surprise, it was nonetheless a surprise >.<

Stop trying to confuse me man! I’m not drunk

Your reading comprehension is off, m8.
It didn’t just shake Wild because of its popularity. But because it was overtuned and an entirely new class.

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You’re right. RandomDrunk is confusing me as well, I don’t understand anything of what he writes.

I was not prepared for this.

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In order to understand the drunk, you yourself must be drunk.
This law of the land applies 10 fold to the randomly drunk.


In addition: most forumers here almost certainly never even try comprehending what they initially cannot.
Also applies to deckbuilding. The smallest struggle, and they end up discouraged.

It’s sad, really.

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No worries mate, I’m sure you will comprehend after a few tries, drunk or otherwise! Cheers mate

For someone calling themselves ‘lantern’, you certainly appear not very bright.

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I mean, given that the power level in Wild is higher, it was concerning that Demon Hunter (a class currently only featuring Standard-legal cards) was able of keeping up, pre-nerfs.

When DH was releaseI took it as a given that it was going to be weak in Wild, at least for a while.


And you’re certainly fitting of your name, temperamental and sanity wise.

I’ll wait for you to be sober (if you ever do), so that you can re-read my post and realise the stupidity of your earlier drunken rants.

Your posts had no substance.
And you are certainly projecting.
Maybe you should go back and re-read your own replies. And, perhaps, don’t act arrogant when you do not understand a simple sentence.

Of course. How could I expect to engage a drunkard in an intellectual discussion, just because he jumps in to my post and rants on about an entirely unrelated reply?

I say whatever you’re on, go on and have more of it! I shall leave you to your own devices.

There was nothing intellectual in anything you said. Only ignorance.

It’s still a strong class overall, stronger than some classes have been in Wild in the past. After a few expansions, I think the class will become better adapted for both Standard and Wild just as long as they don’t continue their trend of printing broken cards.