Demonhunter was destroyed by the nerf

Went straight to bottom-tier, has any other deck ever suffered such a huge nerf in one patch? 4 cards destroyed cause such a heavy impact on the class and make Demonhunter unplayable until the next expansion.

When do we get full refund for all DH cards again?


Is the top of Tier 2 now “bottom tier”?


Majority of demon hunter cards are free though. What refund exactly? You want hearthstone to send you a paycheck?


“Anything that isn’t tier 0 and can get me to legend in 2 hours is unplayable god forsaken trash that should be purged from my collection and the the collective consciousness of the hearthstone community.”


You’re either #1 Legend or have no business getting up in the morning.


If your name isn’t thelegend27 dont even speak to me.

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The nerfs were too fast. There wasn’t even time to see how it performs after players a) have a little bit of time to react, b) aren’t experimenting with new meme stuff as much, and c) aren’t all playing DH because it’s literally the first day of its existance.

Sure nerf it but wait a few days to see what weaknesses can be exposed before bringing down the hammer. And don’t nerf 4 cards at once. Nerf Skull and Antean maybe and then see what’s what. What’s the huge hurry?

It’s sad to see the devs run to placate a crying baby like this. Players don’t have any foresight. They scream bloody murder after a one. day. and demand immediate nerfs. Not enough data after one day. Not even a mini meta. No reaction time. Why do these fools clamor for less playable cards and a brand new class potentially being derailed?


No one was going to play demonhunterstone. It had an 11 percent winrate lead and every other class was below 50 percent winrate. You honestly think people are going to keep playing after losing most of their games for a couple days? Now demon hunter is near 50 percent in standard and still strong in arena. It has it’s place and is looking balanced.


If you say so. I get that maybe they had to keep the players from revolting, but just nerfing two cards or even one, while letting us know they’ll keep trickling out nerfs as needed over the next several days would have been more reasonable and would have had less risk of overnerfing. Overnerfing is very bad for the game. Galakrond Shaman was a fun deck but too powerful. Then it wasn’t a deck at all. We should be wanting them to do things gradually, with enough data, so that changes are just right.

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Galakrond Shaman was still a top deck a week after it got meganerfed… And feasibly you can’t just bring out a new patch every day. It’s a logistics nightmare, and people would lose faith if demon hunter was still dominating.

Keep in mind they didn’t do warsongs like they usually do and actually made adjustments to the cards while keeping them powerful.

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This. I even think that a new class deserves at least one expansion free from balance changes.

We need to have enough data to see which direction is fit for a class, not letting our decision driven by knee-jerk reactions. All the other classes had alpha and beta stages to test out their balances, Demonhunter had exactly one day.


Warblades is a straight up bad card now and Antean feels very slow.


It’s ridiculous. Nothing good ever comes from mob rule. I just lost a lot of respect for the Hearthstone community.


nerfs weren’t that bad…
the cthun guy is still op, but can play without him
lifesteal weapon… never even used it
eye beam… have no problem not using anymore
the skull draw… still a far better Nourish

I don’t think DH was really that good… I dont think it would ever be that good against a variety of cheap Wild decks

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It was near 65 percent played winrate and now has leveled off to 54 percent.

Antean was also near 65 percent and is quickly approaching a more balanced winrate.

I know it may feel slow to you both they’re both trending into balanced states.


Hopefully you’re right and hopefully it’ll work out and we’ll have a nice balanced meta.

looks strange the nerf hardly did anything to many cards. I find it is more about people got tired of losing to it so they learnt dh cards by now and made counter decks

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I think we all agree that the class needed nerfs, but 4 cards might have been a bit too much for only 24 hr testing

imo skull and beam should had been the only ones to get nerfed, then evaluate if others need to be nerfed as well and so on, but they are lazy

lmao… a tad hyperbolic are we?

Blizzard are so funny, nerf DH after a couple of days before players adapt.

Now the new class DH is utter trash and soon no one will be playing them and Blizzard can’t fix it until next expansion.

Lol, so funny.

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