Delaran - The Good And the Bad


Overall I like this campaign (from what I’ve seen so far).
The end bosses feel like less of a cheat and more of a strategy challenge.
The card pools you can pick feel less luck reliant too, I haven’t had many situations where i got a pick of three useless ones, which used to happen all the time in previous itterations of the dungeon run.
The Tavern is an amazing addition too. We finally have some ability to kick unhelpful cards out of our deck.
And it’s also great to see heroic mode come back. Here’s hoping the previous expansions might come back as buyable once more too (i’ve been stockpiling gold for that for a very long time).

On the bad note: It’s a shame that the heroic power and deck unlocks you get in normal mode aren’t carried over to heroic - To me at least, that felt like an unnecessary time waster. We could have had the unlocks count for both modes and it wouln’t make the heroic unfairly easier.
It’s also a shame that the daily quests don’t count in the dungeon modes, here’s hoping that gets added at some future campaign.
On a final note, the tavern card which deletes all four cards from your decks seems to be a bit poorly, as in most cases the four cards you get contain at least one card thar’s too good to lose, even at the cost of the others. I’ve only used it usefully once.