Decks to beat druid

Druids either draw the card they need, or they have 6 ways of discovering the perfect card. I can’t stand fighting this class.

I dont care if i lose to all other classes for the next few days. I just want to have more than a 30% win rate vs druids


Are you talking about Ramp Druid or Aggro Druid? They have very different counters.

Here’s some options:

Aggro DH
Enrage Warrior
Imp Warlock

These are good against ALL Druids.

You won’t win every game. I can’t promise you that.

Happy hunting!

Marcos suggestions are great, another deck that i have done very well against druid with is Relic demon hunter with Jace.

I played that a lot this month and ramp druids, aggro druids, and thief rogues probably made up well over half my matches and i did good.

Ramp druids give to much time to allow for highly discounted cards from relic of dimensions. Like marco said you don’t win them all but against ramp druid i was pretty close to 75% i feel. Aggro druid was more ofna 50/50 deal. Sitheno can wreck them but you need to hold them off long enough to get her really going and sometimes there just isn’t any holding them off.

i think big spell mage could deal with it too but you have to play carefully.