Death Knight Discovery

I feel like they have far too many discovery cards. Every second spell or minion they discover something. Needs to be halfed.


Hard disagree.

Smallest card list available, especially in wild. Smallest discovery pool available. Smallest amount of discover class cards.

DK has a lot of discover? lol. there are a ton of others with more.

The use Frost Strike and Hematurge as class specific discovery cards. All the rest, everyone has access to as well, as they are neutral cards.

I don’t think it 's the amount of discovery that is the issue, is what they keep getting, and i"m only specifically talking about blood Knights. They drag out the matches beyond 10 mins and it’s really long and boring. Because they alway s manage to discover healing spelling consistently over and over.

Kinda funny how DK seems really strong with all of its discovery, and it is, but since only HALF of their stuff discovers, its only HALF as strong as rogues. The same spells that discover one card, rogue cards do exactly the same thing and discover 2 and discounts them.

Smallest card list perhaps, chance of re discovering a useful card is high, 6 lifesteal then do 3 damage and discover another card, probably 6 lifesteal or do 5 damage/heal 5 x however many corpses.

I will acknowledge this argument, well done.

However what everyone is describing as the problem now will be fixed as card pool grows. As a discover archetype player in wild, the main point for me personally is utility. Some of the blood spells will eventually get tuned down as well, as those are what I’m assuming are problematic. That said, they need the power to be relevant currently. The frost and unholy spells are weak vs existing class lists.

As everyone has said, it’s annoying because their pool is so small they are nearly guaranteed to get what they want.

However, I hope as more cards are added to the pool, the devs may consider how much a DK can discover. For example, feels kinda bad a Frost DK can get Vampiric Blood. Not to say a Frost DK is LOOKING for a Vampiric Blood, but it doesn’t 100% make sense (to me) a 3B card can be used by anything other than a DK with B runes. Though, I guess this would just make the issue of the topic even worse. -shrug-