Dalaran Heist Bug


So I noticed this issue on another post but said post was merged into the main Dalaran Heist error message topic which is fairly different from this particular problem. What’s happening for me is that whenever I try to play the normal mode for the heist I get the screen to play the next opponent, as I had just selected a deck. However, there is no hero portrait and when I click play nothing happens (other than the button animation and sound). From this point I can still click leave and go to the main menu, and playing other modes also works, including other solo adventures and the Dalaran heroic mode. Thanks for your time.


Same problem, i think it happens if you alt+f4 while choosing hero power/deck. Dont know how to fix it.


Same thing for me, it has shaman deck with shaman hero power no portait tho, but at the bottom it sais the wins for hunter. And when i press play just nothinf happens.