Dalaran Bug - 100 golden Packs


I guess i activated some bug in Hearthstone.

Everytime i end a chapter (Defeat 8 bosses) i get the adventure rewards (CardBack and 1 golden Pack).

ATM i have 7 UNOPENED golden packs in my inventar and the adventure rewards are flagged as: Already got them.
It looks like this:

It’s on my EU Account. Pls fix the Bug and remove my golden packs, i dont wanna get a ban for this.


Lmao what, insane. Lemme get dat


I suggest you open a ticket with customer support. Nobody on the forums has access to individual account data.


Please post how you achieved this, we need to be able to reproduce this bug… for research.


what a good slave ‘take back these golden packs!’


They fixed the bug and removed all my golden packs.
But they banned me for 3 days ingame.

In E-Mail the reason is: Bug-Using/Exploiting


Oh the irony. You come here and open a ticket to do the right thing and they ban you. FeelsBadMan.

*Not sure why this post says edited, I didn’t edit anything…


Wait… so you discovered the bug. Reported it to them. Didn’t even open the packs. And they still banned you?!? What a bunch of jackasses! I’d definitely open a ticket to contest the ban. That’s pretty disgusting.


I was able to continue a run without starting from the beginning…

they seemed to have fixed it

amazing how they are quick to get to these bugs with no update installment, but they cant do anything else to better the game in regards to what everyone complains about


If they gave you a ban when you were the one reporting the bug then that’s pretty bogus. They should have given you 1 free Golden pack as a reward instead of dumping on you.


I think there may be more to this story then what’s being told? Eg: a couple packs were opened, to perform the glitch a specific process needed to happen, etc.


Oh cool. For me I tryed to open 3 and one literally disappeared lmao

pressed space to put it in and it just



so u wasted ALLLLLLLLLL that time replaying the solo adventure just to snitch on yourself?

I don’t believe you.


This adventure is the best one of Hearthstone. It makes fun and i payed 20€ for this. Ofc I am playing it a lot.