Curselock is the epitome of anti-fun to play against

Seriously. When facing Curselock, you’re forced into playing in a way that goes counter to what Hearthstone is supposed to play like.

I was playing as a Beast Hunter vs Curselock. We both had full hands. And I only won by using Emergency maneuvers with my King Krush. All the other cards in my deck were either useless or detrimental against Curselock.

Really devs, is this your gameplay philosophy for Warlock in the foreseeable future? To make Warlock an uninteractive class? What happened to fighting for board control? What happened to Zoolock and Demonlock? It’s frustrating beyond belief to face Curselocks

So I also wonder, what decks counter Curselock?


Questlock is fun against it :wink: (needless to mention quest hunter is also still strong should it become very popular)

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How so?

Sounds like your deck could use some improvement.

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So, you won? You won by cheating out an 8/8 charge minion? Yet Warlock isn’t fun to play against?

Need I say more?

Cry more. I’ll buy you some Johnsons No More Tears Shampoo next time I queue up to you with my Warlock


Ah, you’re poor. I get it now, sorry. I apologise.

Guess hunters are really just used to smorcing their way to victory and don’t like anything that slows down the ability to smorc smorc and smash face…heaven forbid you need to spend 2 mana to get rid of a card so you don’t die. Seriously, curse lock is a mediocre deck to play. You lost a game, deal with it. If you want to punish those mean old uninteractive warlocks play quest hunter against them like 99% of all hunters. You really won’t see much sympathy on the boards as a hunter.


You still won. That deck isnt even strong…even with the buffs.

It slow. It loses to plenty of decks. Just because you have trouble with it with your one deck doesn’t mean they need to change it.

its a control deck people always complain about control decks

VS described it as, “Like Tickatus Warlock, but good”.

  1. Negative skill ceiling
  2. Off board win condition
  3. Low Rank players spam it like crazy
  4. It gets demolished at high Ranks
  5. It’s pushing other slow decks to speed up (Druid using Celestial and Warrior using Galvangar instead of Kazakuzan)

I predict that if people keep spamming it, one of the buffs will be reverted. But it’s way, way, too early to tell. People might just stop playing this latest brainless (as indicated statistically) deck.

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I think that if you know how to play against it, it makes for a horrible experience for both players.


Quest Hunter just got nerfed hard. Quest Hunter has definitely gone down a few tiers

Quest hunter basically had the same game plan as curse lock:

Kill your opponents with the removals you run.

Hunter just wasted less of your time in doing so.


Just do as I do, and when a Stormwind quest appears just concede and move on. I like to think they have the daily quest to complete a stormwind questline and I am denying them that accomplishment by taking the L for the match.

I just wont play against these decks in wild as they just arent an entertaining waste of my time like a a normal self made non netdeck is. If I end up taking the L 3 matches in a row I know its just that time of day that the boring people are playing and Ill go to bgs or start a duel run.

I just refuse to engage with stormwind questline players in wild. (I dont play standard at all). For me, questliners should only be paired against questliners. Solitaire players shouldnt benefit from playing against non solitaire players. It isnt entertaining for me to watch a predictable outcome over and over.

No more tears is a lie…

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i read the comments

didnt know about the baby podwer … cant believe they were so accurate about them being evil!

I have a hard time getting behind ANY deck that makes players want to playing Celestial Alignment more. That card needs just removed from the game entirely and not because i think its like super dominant, which it isn’t. It’s just a horrible card to play against and creates a massive negative play experience each time it’s played.

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“I want to feel better about my win and I don’t so curse lock is broken”