Curse effect (Rusted Gaze etc) is destroying cards instantly

When Xur’goth uses Rusted Gaze to corrupt cards in my hand, those cards are destroyed at the start of my turn, so I never have a chance to play them at all. This contradicts the hero power’s description, which says I should have 1 turn to play the corrupted card.

It also quickly leaves me with no cards in my hand, which feels like an unfair disadvantage.

Edit: Similarly, Chaos Gazer’s “curse” battlecry is immediately destroying cards in my hand without giving me a chance to play them at all.


Just adding on to say that it’s happening to me, too. The Trial by Felfire story scenario is unplayable, as is.

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This is also happening in Duels, which is a massive pain as the opponant.

Quick, abuse Chaos Gazer while you can.


Same here in the story mode

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Best not to. It’s been a LONG time since Blizzard banned folks in HS for an exploit, but I know it’s happened.

I wanted to say though that while these two cards are bugged, another similar effect (Conflag) does NOT have this issue, so it may be tied to the battlecry or minion itself, rather than the “cursed card” behaviour.

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This is happening to me too. The “strategy guide” suggests it isn’t happening to everyone and they can play the card on their turn. It’s a pretty big problem.

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Having the same problem :frowning:

hopefully it gets resolved soon

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yeah, have the same problem :frowning:

t happens in wild mode as well, got many cards destroyed this way for the past several weeks. Why is this not getting addressed at all???

A month later and i just updated it and its still happening, in story mode at least. Please please fix this :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Blizzard, hello? Do you expect people buying anything Wild-related (campaigns in particular), if you break it (not able to proceed/play) and do not fix for a month and counting? Is it considered ok from your side?

Did you experience the bug ?
Because it’s claimed as fixed since last update

Yes, the bug is still there. To replicate:

  1. Launch Hearthstone (I use iOS app)
  2. Go to Modes → Solo adventures → Ashes of Outland → Story
  3. Choose the first chapter’s (I. A World in Ruin) second encounter (Xur’goth)
  4. When he uses his Hero power (Rusted Gaze) the card affected discards as your turn starts giving you zero chance playing it
  5. You lose due to zero cards in your hand after some time, which makes the adventure impossible to play/proceed
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