Crafting Advice

For my next craft I’m either going to make:

  • Captain Greenskin
  • Deathwing Mad Aspect
  • Blastmaster Boom and build Bomb Warrior

The first two seem more likely so which one do you think is a better craft? Has Greenskin showed up in many meta decks in the past? How important is Deathwing?

Greenskin is one of those in-and-out type legendaries. I think he started seeing some play when Pirate Warrior started becoming a thing for the very first time, then got relegated to optional. Showed up again when Kingsbane was at its peak, went quiet again when that got nerfed. Now that Pirate Warrior is back in Standard (and Bomb Warrior), he’s back too.

Giving weapons extra dura is a fairly unique effect usually limited only to Warrior, so having it neutral has some applications. I’d say he’s a simple but interesting addition to certain decks, but probably pretty optional. In comparison, Bomb Warrior is missing one of its biggest cards if Blastmaster is not in it, whereas Greenskin is a “safe” craft on account of being a neutral classic yet also a little less missed if he’s not included in the deck.

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So would you suggest I craft the Deathwing instead?

Does that card usually make it into meta warrior decks?

Greenskin is currently back in meta in egg warrior.

So is deathwing in same deck.

Blastmaster boom and bomb warrior have fallen out of favor and are not recommended.

I think deathwing is the best card to craft from a sheer power and flexibility standpoint. So I’d definitely go with that if I were you.

I have deathwing mad aspect. I don’t play so often.

I don’t think this is the time to build Bomb Warrior. It might be ok to play around with and stuff if you already have the deck but I don’t think it’s doing too well. I don’t recommend that.

I think that Deathwing is the best option of the 3, but keep in mind that he rotates out next April. Captain Greenskin will always be there. But, as mentioned, his power level and importance isn’t as high as Deathwing and he’s just kind of a “meh” card. One of those that barely makes the cut in the decks he’s even in, but that could always change if the right weapon were to come out. It’s just that, for Warrior, Upgrade does the same thing cheaper so it’s going to probably take more than a weapon for a Warrior to call it an auto-include.

For wild or standard? They are all tier 2 legendaries.

I have neither but I can say Greenskin is the safest craft as it’s in the classic set (for now) and it does see play. The other two are only temporarily in standard but they do see play. It will come down to whether you like the dragons or go full bomb warrior.

I feel like DW will give you more use while in standard, but overtime Greenskin will probably give you more use. DW also feels nicer to use, but that’s just my opinion.