Control isn't dead, you just HAVE to play the Warlock deck

Everyone says control is dead (myself included at one point) but it isn’t. The devs have made it clear that Warlock is the class that it is acceptable to play control. I mean, what says control like removing 1/3 of your opponents deck, auto heals, and 4 mana destroy 3 cards and a full reload card? Plus they get the only hero card in rotation? And a fatigue win condition?
The answer is clear.

The new meta is Aggro - mid range - Warlock.

And yes I say THE WARLOCK DECK because there are no viable substitutes for the class. You run this decklist and you have to like it.

Shaman control is doing really well for me. There’s enough healing to stabilize from aggro and enough aggression to push for a win. I’m torn between Bru’kan / burn and Nightmare / Al’akir as the win condition. The former means your deck has even more board control available. The latter means you can OTK warlock and priest even if they’re at full health.

there are viable control decks, especially with token druid and priest nerfs.
priest (still relevant)
but decks aren’t consistent, you rely on perfect draws to keep up with aggro.

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Yeah, I don’t count relying on perfect draws, mainly because a LOT of different decks would be viable with perfect draws.

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