Constantly disconnecting on Samsung Galaxy Tab

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, and my experience when playing Hearthstone on the new tablet has been abysmal due to constant disconnects from the server during games, both traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds. The disconnects are to the server, because the game play freezes, but the peer connection to my opponent is clearly still active, because I can see him shuffling cards and highlighting minions.
The disconnects seem to be due to the tablet and not anything to do with my wifi network because an IPad Air running Hearthstone on the same network has no such issues.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 running Android 14 & One UI 6.0

Edit: I note that, during a traditional hearthstone game, the disconnections tend to occur just as I or my opponent attacks with a minion. When it’s my turn, I can continue to queue up attacks with minions, but none of the attacks execute. I can’t play any cards. Sometimes after a reconnection I see that the attacks I queued have been executed, which implies that the client continues to send requests to the server, but the server is not acknowledging them.

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