Constant disconnects

Blizzard you need to fix your mobile app. I have had to go through your trouble shooting to prevent random disconnects during games on my s22 several times. Ultimately, none of the fixes work outside of uninstalling and reinstalling the game. And that only works temporarily. I have lost numerous turns which have cost me games because my game is disconnecting and reconnecting repetitively.

Fix your app please.


Same issue here disconnecting every other game, sometimes doesn’t even reconnect to the game. Please provide a solution as I am sure this is happening to many others.

Issue is on both mobile and pc using a wifi connection.

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Same here. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on my phone or laptop. Disconnect after disconnect. Sometimes it gets me back to the game and sometimes it don’t. Hard to believe it’s me when it don’t matter what I play on.

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Finally got main hearthstone to disconnect less but mercs is impossible to load bounty or to edit/upgrade my mercs. This was my favorite mode and it’s been unplayable for at least 2 weeks on mobile. I only have mobile, I’m not rich, but I have bought hero portraits on occasion and would be more inclined to buy more if the game worked properly. It sucks missing out on the rattlegore event due to disconnects.

UBEARABLE!. Since last update on Nov, 2 I have failed to complete any single game - been thrown out due to disconnects all the time.
I erased and re-installed the game - no luck either.
Android 11 tablet.
100% not my provider issue - tried in different places with the same result.

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On my GFs laptop I get random disconnects and it takes 10 minutes to reconnect back, it’s not the internet i have internet. On my personal computer the same happens. On my computer I have 2 cables coming from the outside and two different routers next to my computer as i pay internet to two different companies as I Cannot afford to lose internet since I work from home. The issue is 100% not the internet but the battle net client itself. Sad to see blizzard does not really care about that.

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