Constant disconnects

For the last few months my game (on PC) constantly dc’s, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing in game it will freeze, say it’s been dc’d, then pop me back in within about 10 seconds. I’ve had it happen in some games almost every other turn. It will always pop me back in unless it was a turn where I lost the game in which case it completely disconnects. I am beyond frustrated - it happens on my husbands computer as well, but we can’t find anything in our internet that would be causing it, and if we are streaming anything else at the time there are no interruptions to that.
Is anyone else having similar issues?

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i am having same issue keep crashing or disconnecting. i think blizzard is done they given up on them self. over 10 years i played blizzard games and this past 2 years its service been going to the birds from updates that crashes game to constant crashes or disconnects and they seem not to give a damn.

I’ve been having this problem for 2-3 yrs. Within the last year I’ve also been getting the playful sprites have cause a disconnection. those playful sprites also caused me to lose rating points.

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