Constant Crashes on iOS


After re installing and doing the asset download still unplayable
Playing on the IPad Pro


Hadn’t seen anything on the fora about PC issues; I switched to playing on my MBP and didn’t have a single problem.


The game still shuts down when I’m trying to build a deck


Lmfao! Just as most of you, I wasn’t able to play the game for 3 weeks. Now the game is finally working and they rotated Frost Lich Jaina out of standard…a deck I’ve been working on for months. Thanks for nothing, Blizzard! You handled your iOS issue very unprofessionally and now this.


Hey all,

We pushed a fix for this about 9 days ago and it should be resolved. If you continue to have issues I would recommend reinstalling the game client on your iOS device. Beyond that, you’ll want to create your own thread.


Out of curiosity, can you share what the problem was?



Never hurts to ask, but in this case we don’t have that level of technical data for this problem. All I can really see is that we had to work with Apple to resolve the issue.


Ok, thanks. At least telling us you had to work with Apple helps explain the long wait time… though in the future it’d be really nice to know things like that while we’re waiting!


This issue is still not fixed. I’m on iPhone 6 with latest firmware. Hearthstone crashes at least once to the home screen EVERY SINGLE GAME at least once. It’s basically a guaranteed loss because it takes too long to open and I miss a turn. It also crashes every time I try to create or edit decks. Please fix this properly already. It’s unplayable and infuriating.


getting “silent” disconnects during games… can emote and everything but turn timer (rope) just never appears. If I close the game and restart for it to re-connect, I’ll be welcomed with a nice little pop-up saying I lost my last game due to a disconnect.
Next to countless ranked games and win streakes I lost because of this garbage are arena games and brawliseum … thanks for fixing this blizz…

  • The Device type / model. - iPad Air 2
  • If you have tried to reinstall the game. - not yet, just doing that now…
  • If this happens on Mobile, Wifi, or both - WiFi (WiFi only ipad…)
  • [What iOS version ] - latest (12.2)


This was corrected a few weeks ago and now is happening again. Unbelievable!

  1. iPad Air
  2. Yes. I literally just installed the game on this iPad today for the first time.
  3. WiFi (wifi only model)
  4. 12.2

I understand you all pushed a fix for this… but it seems to not have fully fixed it clearly…


Just installed on iPad Air for first time today. Issue is not fixed. Do I need to start yet another thread?


I thought it was just me and I found this thread because it’s been so frustrating lately. Game just sits there after iPhone X 12.2 switches from WiFi to Cell network. Music playing like nothing is wrong. Then if I try to reconnect, nope, lost my match due to a disconnect!!

Have even tried soon after I think this happened and same problem. Always seems to be games I was clearly going to win… Which makes it hurt even more!! Come on Blizzard… Where’s the quality? Seems very easy to reproduce this when switching from WiFi to Cell during the game.


Hey, everyone!

This issue has been resolved weeks ago and was related to crashing. It appears everyone posting after the fix has been disconnecting and not crashing.

If you happen to have disconnection issues, we would recommend making your own new thread with the details, including your ISP, so we can see if others experiencing the same issue.

We will be locking this thread as the crashing issue for iOS has been resolved.


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