Constant Crashes on iOS


Playing at what I can guess is the frames per second of a crappy flip-book animation and the app closed itself at the end of the game.


Three weeks and I’m supposed to download the asset that crashed it in the first place? No. I didn’t download the asset.


Well download it then.


No crashing after full delete + clean install + data download. iPhone 6 plus.
However, cards browsing is slow, stuck sometimes. Hope it’s a cache issue autosolving after a while


iPhone 6.
I fully deleted HS, then install new version and waited for data to download.

Now everything seems to work fine. No crashes.
Thx bliz.


iPad Air 1
I only updated HS and even with full assets downloaded it seems to work fine now. No crash before/after a game and even Soloadventures will start again.

It seems like blizz accidentally solved the error with the latest update or did it intentionally but forgot about it in the patchnotes.
I hope it works now for all of you guys and I keep my fingers crossed for some sort of compensation for those who couldn’t play in the last weeks.


iPhone se
wifi only
iOS 12.2


iPhone se
reinstall 1
wifi only
iOS 12.2


I confirm the Update.
After reinstall and Download Assets i can Play without any problems.

iPad Air
iOS 12.2
Wifi / Mobile.

Thank you!


Playing with no problems. A little slow during deck building and craft/dusting cards, but that was like that even before. Just glad I can play :slight_smile:


It’s working since I downloaded the new asset.

Thank you. Here’s to everyone that helped our request with info and pleads, thank you.

Blizzard, thank you. Activision, grrrr.


After updating the app and letting the full asset download run, i haven’t had any crashes.


Game seems fine now. Thx. Just in time for the new expansion on Tuesday. :slight_smile: I almost gave up on you guys.

This took a while. Any compensation in the way of dust/gold/packs?


Seems like the new card back was the compensation. I like it, but im a filthy whale. I was sort of hoping theyd toss us the iOS people at least 1 free pack worth of junk, but at least we got ANYTHING.


In the end, im glad they put in the effort to at least get us up and running to try out the new free Legendary, and the expansion bug free. Still a little miffed at how hush-hush the actual issue was, and what they were doing to fix it, but i guess theyd rather tell us nothing, then promise something and not be able to deliver? Whole things sort of confusing, especially the last Blue post before the patch went live, coulda at least mentioned that it was waiting on Apple greenlighting or something.


I also like the iOS card back (which is rare; most of the card backs are meh IMHO). I just did a complete reinstall and everything is working fine. No white treants. I was also missing audio effects but all those are back now.


It is working now after: uninstall, reinstall, and new asset download.


Nah, new cardback seems to not be recompense for this issue – I logged in on my Mac and got a different one “for connecting with a PC.” I’m going to assume there’s also an Android one out there…

EDIT: Just picked up the Android back, so no, not a reward for our patience.



Hello, i don’t have problems anymore thankfully.
I was wondering if there was any word on some kind of compensation for the 3 weeks where some of us where completely unable to play. (That’s à pretty important loss of gold when you consider it’s coming just before a major update)

Thank you.


Well, you know PC and Android were playable but also had issues…