Completely unacceptable

i just bought wizard duels and i dont have DH unlocked but chose DH and it wont let me build a deck or retire so im just locked out of wizard duels please fix

i put in a ticket 10 hours ago blizzard responded letting me know in arena im not able to pick DH until i have unlocked them this didnt answer my question at all and have not heard from them since this is Completely unacceptable and i demand some sort of compensation i payed 80 bucks for early access and they do nothing to let me actually play the duels

I have the same issue :frowning:

You just said that they told you to unlock demon hunter, just do that, play the solo adventure to unlock him and it should fix the issue, if it doesnt then you may continue your complaint

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i dont think you understand i am completely locked out of duels due to the most basic simple thing went unchecked now what happens when someone who doesnt have DH picks DH now i have to spend around ~10 hours for a bug fix that is blizzards fault in the first place

also i can play DH in arena i did it earlier today so that work

arena and duel are two different things. since you build your deck from your collection in duels its only reasonable that you have unlocked the class and with that all the basic cards for the class. also, it doesnt take 10h to unlock DH

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