Command to Disenchant all extra BUT Gold ones


Hello, I have been playing Hearthstone since the begining of it, Sadly I cant say from beta… but close enough (Day 1).

Standard is awful on my point of view. I really hate playing against the same 5 (If lucky) decks over and over.

I’ve been playing arena most of the time and that is why my question.

In arena as many of you know you can have 3 or 4… or even 9 of the same cards. I really don’t care about having more than 2 of the regular cards… but I would like to leave alone my golden cards.

Therefore, Is there a way (Command) to disenchant all “extras” but golden cards that I don’t know. I usually do it manually. it takes time and I need to go over and over several pages of cards (Using only the command Extra).

Thank you for reading. and I really hope for an answer of this amazing community.

Kuddos to you!


Not that i know of. But searching for “extra” will show you what you have more than 2 of, including if it’s because of gold ones. That’s the easiest way i know.


Someone please correct me if i’m wrong but golden cards are not included in the disenchant extra cards functionality. I’m 99.9% certain of it and am only doubting myself because you made a post requesting a button to do what this button already does.


You are wrong.
See for what I would disenchant by using the mass disenchant button on my account. The golden cards are indicated separately but there is no way to exclude them.

(And in case anyone wonders - the game will keep 2 non-golden AND 2 golden, and then disenchant the rest. Or 1 non-golden plus 1 golden for legendaries.)


Why would you keep more than two cards (golden or not)?


I don’t need the dust right now so there is no advantage to be had in dusting the cards. I will dust some when I want to craft cards.
Keeping them as cards gives me a small chance to get extra profit if Blizzard nerfs a card. If I for instance have 7 copies of a non-golden normal and that card is nerfed next week, I can disenchant the 5 extras at that time for the full 40 dust, instead of their normal value of 5 dust.


Mostly because in arena you only can play with golden card IF you own the golden card. So Full Golden Cards in arena (like many youtubers) sometimes you will need more than the 2 Golden cards used in standard / arena. AS my main post said. Sometimes in arena you can have way more than 2 copies of the same card in your arena deck.


As far as I know (and I’m 90% sure I remember correctly), if you have 2 golden copies of a card (or 1 golden copy of a legendary card), then all copies that you get of it in arena will be golden. Even if you have a draft with 30 of them.


Ahhh I think in the history of my hearthstone experience I have never had that golden card side on the right. So for me what I said was most certainly true haha. I’ve probably just never had more than 2 copies as I disenchant my goldens quite regularly for dust. How did you include a link on this forum? What wizardy is this?