Casual Mode for Single Player game style


I am pretty new to Hearthstone, started in December. I really like the game so far, not really play ranked and enjoy the adventure modes. I wondered if there was a way to implement a casual mode to the single player mode. The AI plays at such a professional level and even a game where I think I will win, I get crushed in round 5 of the dungeon. If there was an option to maybe have an easier AI, with the expense of not winning a card back is fine. I would just like to be able to experience and see what all the bosses look like and it feels like an impossible task for newer players and people who enjoy the game at a casual level. I like to buy new packs and promos that come up, but if half of the game (single player modes) seem like they are off limits and frustrating. It makes me not wanting to keep logging in every day and keep playing.

In the end, having a casual option and the regular option still keeps the modes intact and eventually would give new players something to work towards without feeling frustrated right off the bat in round 3 or 4.


I suggest practicing with the InnKeeper if you think the Casual mode is too intense.


The AI does not play well and will likely make multiple mistakes every turn, but in Dungeon Run, Monster Hunt and the Rumble the AI gets better decks as you progress through a run. For Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt the Hero Power of the AI also improves as you get further.

To win a run you need to pick cards that work well together and compliment whatever passive ability you’ve gotten. You still need to make sure you have something that can win the game. And you need to understand how to approach an AI opponent based on what their Hero Power and deck does.


Buy old adventures. Non-heroic mode was quite easy there.


We’ve had this feedback about Dungeon Run style adventures in the past, so for the first Adventure in the Year of the Dragon we’ll be introducing both Normal and Heroic modes.

Normal mode should be easier than you’re used to from Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt, while Heroic will be a bit more challenging. We’ll also continue to tune these post-release!


That’s great news. I personally have no problem with a challenging adventure, as long as it is not unfair.
Voone having a turn 1 5/8 with charge 90% of the time for example…
(For real, how can you be so sadistic and put a Crystallizer in that deck??)

I am really looking forward to having a more casual normal mode which doesn’t require to build a pure tryhard deck and allows to try out more fun stuff.

After all, these single player adventures provide mechanics that you don’t have during normal gameplay and it’s really frustrating that you can’t use it to try crazy stuff because you would lose your deck before you could build it.


And for the love of god, never make another encounter like freeze Malacrass again… half the game is watching animations!


I don’t even know what the common bosses look like because the runs were so miserable. I gave up on Dungeon Run, I played a bit of Monster Hunt and couldn’t tell you what Rumble Run is about…hopefully the new adventure will be actual fun and not an illustration of the definition of insanity.


I think that one actually needs some mechanical revision. Effects that react to minions taking damage (Frothing Berserker, Lifesteal) will wait for an AoE effect to deal damage to all of its targets before reacting to all of them together. But the Shrine with “whenever you freeze a character” does not wait for AoE Freeze effects in the same way, interrupting after each and every minion gets frozen.


Yeah but the other half is easy. Once you past his his OP Dragon Spell power + Frost wave, you basically win


Its not about him being hard, its about the annoyance of watching animations non stop.


Will there be Heroic-only rewards like there used to be, such as card backs?


I don’t think Blizzard has announced it yet, but this article in GamesRadar seems to have inside info:

Per that article, you get a different card back for finishing the adventure in normal and in heroic mode. I’m not sure if there’s any other reward for heroic mode–as I read it, you get the card packs for beating normal mode, but it’s not 100% clear.