Cards that say...Destroy!

Destroy all minions (wherever they are) should almost mean their graveyard as well. Cards
like Shik and Whirpool. Should kill those in the GY. No priest bringing them back since they are no longer there. But rez priest just keeps bring them back. Bad design


If it was only up to me, it would also disenchant the card from the collection.

In that case, the word should be…EXTERMINATE!

/angry dalek noises

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Petition to change “destroy all minions” with “shred all minions”

Hearthstone doesn’t have a ‘classic’ graveyard. Instead it has a list of minions that have died. This is why you can resurrect the same minion multiple times, even if that minion has only died once.


wouldnt make any make sense destroyed minions are already destroyed

same as frozen minions cant be frozen

But you can give taunt to taunt minions… but not reborn a minion with reborn… (but can give its reborn version reborn)

Why should it? there allready a card wording for when the graveyard is included even thou it just a single card i recall atm and that is life sentence

There’s that new mage card that “removes” it from the game. Which includes the graveyard.

Is the Undead considered in the grave yard?