Cards that actually need adjusted

Blizzard is famous for adjusting cards that just don’t need adjusted (they did it twice to First Day at School). Here are two cards that actually do need adjusted…

Efficient Octo-bot - I’d like to see this card’s health reduced to 3. Or raise his mana cost to 3. There are very few cards that can successfully eliminate this card without the frenzy going off at this early game stage.

Deck of Lunacy - This card is so overused by spell mage decks. I think the best solution is to lower the (3) to a (1) or a (2) more in the text.

Deck of Lunacy for sure still pops up in lists sometimes, but the lists without it have better win rates. Sites like Vicious Syndicate also suggest lists that don’t run DoL. It can be a frustrating card to lose to, but IMO it doesn’t need any further adjustment. The card will likely get worse as more sets get released as well.

Octo-Bot is a very strong card. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it receive a nerf one day. Each class having limited ways to remove it cleanly is kind of the point though. Not sure if I’ll feel this way a month from now, but I’m willing to wait until Rogue is a bigger threat. While additional sets will of course give Rogue more options, chances are more cards will be printed for other classes as well that can handle an early Octo-Bot.

First day of School was a card I was happy to see nerfed. It’s a strange card. I think in past meta’s the card would have been more reasonable, but the current strong pool of 1 drops and additional presence of a turn two +2/+2 was too much. I’d like to see it reverted when it rotates out.

if they play it on turn 2, just trigger the frenzy: it will discount 3-4 cards, not a big deal

it’s not overused, it’s just a card that happens to be playable only in spell mage.
It’s like saying that jaraxxus is overused by control warlock; or doomhammer is overused by aggro shaman.

The best solution would have been to never release such a card, which ruins the game because of the RNG involved in it (they already nerfed it pretty badly)

Incanter’s Flow - This card is also in every spell mage deck. I’d like to see this cost increased to 3.

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acti is dumb

they green thumb nerfing a card increasing 2 cards by 1 mana
but they red thumb when it come to nerfing a card reducing 5-6 cards by 1 mana

monkey logic

EDIT: regarding IF…nerfing to 3 mana wont fix it…instead it should have charges on it like “next 6-8 spell drawns cost 1 less”

i know its not exactly a card but i wish they would limit discover card choices to how many mana crystals you have , say you have 5 or more you get 2 choices 7-8 or more you can choose from all 3.