Cards not working


so i have some cards I don’t know but they don’t proc at all sometimes, example spirit of the frog wont proc same I dropped a weapon then feral spirit and it didn’t proc a card even tho feral spirit is a spell. my doomsbomber guy doesn’t put out the right amount of 0/2 bombs sometimes ive had 5 bomb cards added 1 catch and only 2 sets of bombs pop when it should be 4, their is other cards I cant think of now but this is not first time ive wanted to do this but its hell making this post!!! the game used to work just make it work ffs


It tries to draw a 4-cost spell from your deck in your situation. If you have none, it does nothing.

There are numerous reasons how bomb could be removed from their deck
Warlock could play Rafaam
Any class could play Elysiana
Hunter could use 2x Tracking to remove bombs from deck

It works. You just don’t pay attention to details


anyways it plays less bombs then it should sometimes man regardless of any reply u make or anyone else I just report it cause that’s what u do when its happened a few times rafam takes them all not less . and elysiana would have removed them all bro not less lol did u read what I said I never said bomb warrior played none its less u pay attention to detail mayne anyways these r real things


There has never been a confirmed case of cards disappearing from the deck without reason. There have been many, many, many cases where someone reported cards went missing, only for it to turn out that they just overlooked the actual cause of the removal. Tracking is a common explanation, since it removes two cards from the deck without showing them to the opponent. So is the card being burned when drawn into a full hand, because people don’t always focus on the game 100% of the time.

If you have a video or deck tracker replay that can show that nothing of the sort happened between adding the bombs to the enemy deck, and Dr. Boom failing to summon the expected number of bots, then your report would be a very interesting case to investigate. Otherwise, it must be assumed that you overlooked something, because the details provided give no indication as to what might cause such a bug.