Card release schedule?


Did they release a card reveal calendar for this expansion? I thought the amount of revealed cards seemed light for only 3-weeks before launch, but perhaps I missed something.


I haven’t seen anything for a reveal schedule. Which is odd as they haven’t hyped this expansion as much as Rastakhans Rumble. Leads me to believe they’re not to confident about it. Of course with 3 weeks left theres still a reasonable amount of time for some great reveals.

I really hope we get some cards that will synergize well with the remaining expansions.


They’ve been revealing some cards on twitter, but I don’t think they’ll do all of them that way. We’ll probably get the schedule later today or tomorrow and the first livestream will come soon after. It sucks there’s only about 10-12 community reveals though, which means the livestreams will have a ton of cards packed in them, or they’ll keep releasing more cards on Twitter like they did for Togwaggle’s Sheme and Hagatha.

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Schedule is coming out soon™.


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This kind of unprecise answers are really annoying.


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It was meant as a joke, nothing remotely serious. Google ‘soon™’ if you want in.

As for the release schedule, Blizz pretty much follows similar schedule pattern. There probably will be something when new TB hits (so in 23 hrs ish).