Card library SoU - Card Misstakes

Here is everything I somehow found for now, what is somehow wrong:

  • Locust should be a green theme card (as It’s for hunter class).
  • Infested Goblin is missing a token card art.
  • Hack the System and other quests should have a class theme colour heropowers - not every heropower in one colour.
  • King Krush is a token with a SoU watermark, so he shouldn’t be collectible and because of that, he shouldn’t have a legendary gem.
  • Choose one effects from Hidden Oasis should have a 6 mana options instead of the 0 mana ones, because It would be OP with a Stalladris.
  • Anubisath Defender and other keyword cards in this game should have a keyword without a dot after the text ends - It’s creating searching issues. And the Taunt should be centered above the text and in the middle.
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King Krush is collectible and if anything should have the Classic watermark.

Well, this version has a SoU watermark, so he shouldn’t be collectible. If he had a classic watermark, he would.

There may be other cards from different classes that summon Locust tokens.

Weirdly enough, it’s consistent with the Ragnaros summoned by Jan’alai. Though it’s inconsistent with the Annoy-o-trons summoned by Giggling Inventor.

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Locusts are not restricted to Hunter. They can also be summoned by Bug Collector, which is a neutral card.