Can't open Journal on mobile


For about 1 day I cannot open the Journal on mobile anymore.
I un- and reinstalled the Application and still can’t access the Journal.
I don’t have any windows computer and refuse to install wine on one of my Linux laptops so I can’t check whether it works on desktop…
Is someone else experiencing this or did anyone solve this problem already?

Known issue: * [Added 3/16] The team is aware of an issue where players who have completed all Daily and Weekly Quests, as well as all Battlegrounds Daily and Weekly Missions, AND all Event Quests are then unable to open the Journal and crash the game if they open the Battlegrounds Season Rewards interface. Leaving one Quest or Mission incomplete avoids this issue. We have a solution to this issue planned for an upcoming hotfix patch.

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Ah ok, thank you..

When will this hotfix come?