Can't Log into game


Since yesterdays (Sept. 10th) Maintenance, The play button is always Grayed out saying “The Game requires you to log in to BattleNet in order to play.” even though I’m already Logged into BattleNet. Any Ideas, anyone else have this issue, any solution? I’ve run Scan and Repair and it says no repairs needed after the scan.


Same exact thing here

update- i logged out of battlenet from the app, then logged back in. everything works fine now.



I’ve noticed Today, that if the 1st thing I go to play is Hearthstone, everything is fine. If I play Wow 1st, do my dailies, raid, etc, then go to play HS, that’s when the Play Button is Greyed out.

Edit: Yeah the ONLY thing that works is Closing BNet entirely and relaunching it. Then the “Play” Button is highlighted.


same problem here???


I have the same problem. Logging out of the app and back in fixes it, but it’s pretty annoying. I’ve noticed that it happens when I play another game (such as WoW) from the app.


I am having the same issue. Play button is grayed out, I restart and it works, close the game and it gets grayed out again.


Wow seems to be the only came causing the issue, so it seems. It’s the only game that causes it for me, and several others, all who have posted these same issue posts. Classic and Retail both. Just waiting to see if Blizzard can now fix whatever it was they broke.