Can't even beat the first fight of the new Book of Mercenary

Nice job Team 5, this is the actual easiest mode to balance, and you can’t even manage to make fair or fun fights.

It’s always the same, you give us boring decks to play and give our opponent the exact anti-deck to destroy us. I miss the old adventure modes of yore. At least we could build our own decks.

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Yeah, that one took me 2 tries, and the final try was still close. Had to win by fatigue, so there’s a hint that may help.

And yeah, balance is really weird. Like, the third battle: you get 1 of the Questlines to complete, but the battle’s so extremely easy you won’t even be using the reward, most likely winning before you even manage to complete it! (though granted, the slow and roundabout way to complete it (it’s not the Warlock’s) certainly doesn’t help). I seriously thought it was going to be a two-stage battle with a surprise enemy, was surprised to find out it wasn’t.

is this a troll? the only one i had trouble with was the bolvar fight, took me 2 tries , one shot everything else…

It’s not a troll, heartstone players are not so good. Some fights are hard for them

Speak for yourself. I did beat the whole thing, it’s just extremely luck dependent. Took me 6 tries to get the perfect hand for that first fight.

I cleared it before you did anyway so…I’m better than you.


There, fixed it for you.


Solo play is so STUPID as it literally depends on your LUCK (which means if the client DECIDES you can win or not.

This is what happens when you have 3rd rate programmers doing your programming.

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