Can't buy runestones because "You already own this element"

I bought some runestones few weeks before (4 times per 500), and now when I try to buy them in the same ammount, I get an error from Google Play that says “You already own this element”.

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Its better to buy the larger amount, because they charge you every time buy runestones. Not sure why Google would give you that error? It sounds like some thing that Hearthstone would say in-game. They limit certain items, because they want to keep the game balanced.

what do you mean with that?
If 500 runestones cost 4.99 and 2000 cost 19.99, mathematically speaking it cost less to buy 500x4.
I don’t think you pay commission fees for every transition

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working as intended, I would suspect.

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It’s actually better for everyone to buy NO amount of these, until they are removed, and those responsible for thinking of bringing the failed multi currency system form HoTS are sacked.


In computer terms it is called a, worm. It adds up over time, like bleed. So if you keep buying them it will be a large amount.

Same issue here, could you resolve it by any chance?