Can you please fix Demon Hunter for Arena?

First, hello to all those who are already mad at me for daring to say “buff” and “Demon Hunter” in the same sentence.

Please note, this is specific to Arena.

When DH was first released, I played him in Arena and I absolutely agree it was rigged and OP. Then there was shortly thereafter a patch where the rarity for every strong or even medium-powered card was reduced to near-legendary rarity. This curved the DH dominance, but I believe a little overly so.

All you have to do is pull up HSreplay to see the DH win rate is in the 30%s now. I think we can agree the class has been efficiently neutered in Arena.

I am also not asking for the reigns to be taken off, as the class does seem to have an edge in it’s current state. But in the 5 times since that nerf that I have taken DH, I have yet to find a single one of those cards that had their rarity tweaked, this afternoon included. I then lost all 3 games in a row because the only cards that were offered to me were ones I would never ever consider in a normal DH deck. Having absolutely no access to any vaguely useful cards for the class seems a little extreme.

I fully enjoy punching up, and I do not want all the cards added back to the rotation at their normal rates. Keep several of the cards restricted. The whole reason I take DH isn’t to overpower but because I like a challenge. But at the moment I feel you have taken a bit too much away from the class to even keep having it offered in Arena.

-Truly- You should just remove the class from Arena as it is at the moment.

2 dh arena 90%cards are neutral

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