Can the crybabies not ruin the game FURTHER please?

I’ve seen way too many people on this bandwagon, posting non-constructive insults of the game all over, fishing for views and likes. If you constantly hate on the game and title videos, “Hearthstone is dead” What do you think is going to happen? At this point, I’d almost encourage the devs to REALLY not care. Most of those app store reviews won’t ever come down, even if the company handed people a full expansion for free. So guess what? You guys are killing the game ON TOP of what the devs have already done/ failed to do.

We get it, they are greedy and lied. Just go quietly if you can’t be constructive and/or provide actually meaningful feedback. Do not scream to the world for people not to play. That is asinine and hurts everyone including the remaining FTP player base. They got the message by now; do you think they will want to be especially generous after such cancel culture hate? I doubt it.

Edit: crybabies is not the right word for me to have used. Plus it should be noted that the vast majority of people complaining about the game are doing so in a good way. Spamming the duels tournament chat stopblizzardgreed, for example, was completely perfect.


even Phil Spencer made a public statement about this kind of toxicity earlier this week where players want things to fail to feel good about their own choices and opinions. there is a group of players that feel that whenever they dont like anything, then no one else is allowed to enjoy it. everyone should just be shamed into obedience of the true opinion.


The best thing i’ve made was to leave the HS Reddit … the toxicity there was mind blowing (even against people who had little to do with it) … so yeah, just focus on your own thing and be done with haters.


If you really want the devs to listen, you need to take meaningful action. And there’s nothing more meaningful than quitting. Reviews can be ignored (or counter-spammed, if you’re that kind of developer), forum/reddit feedback can (and often is) ignored, and going F2P if you haven’t already done so is less impactful than you’d think, since free players are still useful to the game.

Really, if the progression changes are as big a slap in the face as people claim, then quitting is really the best option to affect change.

Also, even if it wasn’t, you can hardly fault people who feel insulted from lashing back. It’s a stupid reaction, but an all too human one.


I think this qualifies as stockholm syndrome somehow.

  1. You don’t seem to know what “cancel culture” means, not that it’s important.
  2. You seem to be saying that people who don’t like the changes are complaining too loudly about them. And you’re making it YOUR business to complain about THAT. Who was the crybaby again?

I’m not saying that anyone is complaining too loudly, I’m saying that some people are “complaining” in the wrong way, a way that actively hurts the future of the game (even if Activision tries to make things right). I’m quite upset about the battle pass and the cost of the game myself, but calling the game trash and trying to scare away potential new players is certianly not the way to go about voicing issues.

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Truce…have you even follow all the stuff they did to WC3…WoW…Diablo immortal ? even if we do constructed post its gonna be ignored…ppl trust in activision is next to zero…and that goes for me as well…at this point only name calling is left…with this last hs expact they rly thrown the knifes into ppl…3 broken cards…and a bad reward system…ppl ain,t cry baby…they have the full right to be angry

think of someone you love…for say your girlfriend…she’s been nice and all to you for a long time…then 1 day she mock you years over years and show no sign of caring for you…surely you should be happy about being laugh at(if i’am to think the way you are)…like you gladly accept to be step on without complain and you warmly welcome anything that displease you without question

well if you like being step on good for you i guess…most ppl wont accept to be threat poorly…especially when they invest they’re hard earn money in a game


Spoken like a true simp


Imagine that their reddit used to be whiteknight simp central and when they blatantly decide to pull another shady business on their playerbase there are people expecting everyone to bend over and take it like nothing happened.

The devs started avoiding their own forums first because they couldn’t take criticism (regardless of being good or bad, they just don’t take it) and never really cared about any suggestions the playerbase made unless it made them money in the end.

Now they will have to leave reddit too, lol. The irony.


hahahahaha you are funny,I like you.

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Get bent, sycophant. This game deserves all the bad rep, and deserves any damage it sustains as a result of it.

Anyone trying to defend Blizz in this must love the smell of feces, it’s all over your face from how deep you stuff it up in the devs collective rear.


Than what is the right word? I think you can still edit it out.

But I do have to say, I agree with you in terms of people posting negative ranting posts about how much they hate the game blah blah blah, with no constructive reason as to why. The posts that whine about the reason they are unable to reach legend at no fault of their own that go on and on and on, the game is to expensive blah, I hate this class, I hate that class, I’m quitting and you should all as well.

However, to some degree those who are raising concerns regarding the cost of the game have a very legitimate point. The game is expensive, and I know, I have put a fair amount of money into the game over the years. I mean when I compare the amount of money I have spent on any other game, hearthstone has been the most expensive by a landslide. Blizzard is pushing the limits. I have purchased all the expansions, and I’m not complaining in a sense that the game is to expensive boo hooo me, because I am certainly not. But I do understand, where players are coming from.

It serves no purpose to rage like that. It would be really great to see more positive posts, more helpful feedback that is not only constructive but also respectful. However, the player base has all walks of life, with all different types of attitudes, and there are many on here that take the aggressive abusive subjective approach.

There will always be people who will post negative comments, belittle other players, have poor attitudes, create rage posts, complain till the cows come home, and they never do so they keep complaining lol. etc… Try not to let it bother you.

There are a bunch of really awesome people in the community. As with any player base for most games.

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even if players are against the changes, that doesnt justify the harassment they are doing towards streamers in social medias and during streams


You are absolutely right. Streamers are not the ones who created any of the issues they have with the game itself. But at the end of the day, the players who take it out on streamers are players who don’t really care who’s to blame, they just take it out on whoever.

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Everyone on Reddit (and it seems much of the complaining playerbase) lacks a job. Of course they’re mad about having to buy packs.

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I guarantee you if blizzard started selling whole expansions for £20 half the people would quit because they had nothing to work towards/

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To be fair … and let’s be 100% real. If they decided to go to Reddit, how much time before the insults, aggressions and mindless atacks begin? Now, i’m not saying they shouldn’t speak but for a community this toxic, at times is better to just let the watter settle.

Is Blizzard a victim here ??? Hell no, the reward system needs a tweak an the economy should be improved, but as of now, the game is not in that bad of a place (IMO).

With that in mind, i rather have my own opinion and see how bad or good the game turns out to be the next year and make a proper desition, it’s a lot better than just follow a flock that calls you a Simp if you don’t think like them…


That’s one of the problems. It’s always the same rhethoric.

  • “I’ll wait for the meta to settle”
  • “I’ll wait for nerfs/buffs/card changes”
  • “Blizzard will see through their mistakes, just give 'em time”
  • “What? You wanna play a video game for free? They have employees, you know - buy everything they sell and shut up”

It’s always the same drivel every time, every time the same mantra repeated. Meanwhile, there are people getting offended because others wanted to voice their criticisms. If its harsh or not, they surely deserve it. If they are not breaking the forums rules, let em have it.


Cool story … not at all what i said, but whatever makes you sleep at night. The Sheep mentality is strong on this forum.

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