Can someone do the maths for me?

I don’t know what the actual breakpoint is, but with triplicate protection, after around 60 packs you will have a complete set of Commons and Rares from the set, so anything left would be additional Epics and Legendaries. So, at that point, your actual gain from additional packs falls off pretty sharply, since a good portion will just be dust, aside from the occasional epic or legendary.


I usually go for the arbitrary 5 Legend Pull cut off. That’s usually 80-100 packs, sometimes more if the pack expansion is strong or I pull Legends quickly and early on.

For you, I would drop all 8500 and just save up till the next expansion. If you play diligently and earn about 80 gold per day every day, you’ll have somewhere around 10k gold come December when the third expansion rolls around.

No need to spend more than that unless since most of the value beyond that point is Redundant and for dust acquisition.


Yeah, this is probably the route I’m going to go, especially if, as Drum said, the Adventure Is free. I love opening packs. It’s like Christmas in August!

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I find opening packs to be really for for like the first 20 or 30, then start getting bored lol

Apart from those 85 packs from gold, you’ll get 6 from the initial quests. 91 packs total plus your 4000 dust should work fine - with the free legy at login and the one guaranteed within the first 10 packs you’ll have at least 4 legendaries (2 times pity timer), but prolly 1-2 more.

Good luck and all the best to you & family!


The only time I say that opening packs is worth despite greatly diminished returns is if the epics are worth it. Epics, though cheaper than Legendaries, are harder to fill since they’re usually necessary cards in one or two decks while many Legendaries can span across multiple decks.

Epics can really sink your dust reserves, and it’s usually worth that diminished returns if there are enough epics all around to pull without spending 400 on each copy.

I would just add that this is the best advice you can receive.

Additionally, the breakpoint I have calculated is roughly 35-40 packs. There is some variance and it can be as high as ~70 packs.

This is very true and should be easier now, as every epic pulled that you don’t want increases the odds of pulling the one(s) you do by X%, unlike before.

Having 8 copies of that crappy neutral epic we all knew wouldn’t see play was a very tilting experience.

Just to be clear, because I’m not sure I was in my initial post, I am NOT spending money this go ‘round. That was the whole reason behind the original post.

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I think folks took the difficulty in justifying spending as you making an earnest effort to justify it. Might be worth an edit before you get more folks stating the obvious - don’t break a slim bank on luxury hobbies lol


Do all your dailies, reroll all 50 Gold Quests if you don’t play just one class, and win one to three games a day, only 30 minutes required but you can always play more. Don’t ever buy packs in middle of the expansion (unless you are really bad at using your Gold) always do a big one at the beginning to ensure you maximize your resources for the new meta. Play Arena if you have drafting experience, don’t do it one shot or you will end up losing too much and don’t actually earn much. Always save 3000+ Gold every expansion or you will be behind on resources. And most important of all, play every single day, even if it’s just one game.

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F2P should be possible for your case. You should consider it going forward?

The above article maybe a bit outdated but still useful.

Change lifestyle choices due to life changes can be very hard. Keep the Faith.

You don’t get the bang for your buck. You just shoot yourself in the foot. Not to mention the rapid obsolescence that blizz practices when the community whines.

Buy packs with gold, disenchant, then craft what you want.

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Legendary per pack chance has gone WAAAAAAY down lately. 70ish is closer to the truth than the 30-40 it used to be. And where did that one guy get a legendary per 20 packs? Must be nice daydreams he has…

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Join the cult of SrChatto. Call every game with micro transactions loot box scams. And praise Legends of Runterra to the universe out loud. I will be listening :slight_smile:
But your comments barely affects the revenue, only 1% uses the forums, and more people will buy and HS will earn more money regardless of how the community, especially your kind, feels.

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You’ll get all the Commons by Pack 30 and all the Rares by Pack 60 if that helps.

For me it was:
Ashes of Outlands - All Commons by Pack 30, All Rares by Pack 60
Scholomance Academy - All commons by Pack 32, All Rares by Pack 59

You will get the odd Legendary and Epic during these packs and your dust goes toward crafting the stuff you didn’t get.

100 packs is a nice comfortable position though.

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He is F2P and 30 to 40 packs can be hard, unless he manages his resources super wisely. But whenever a thread like this pops up trolls who blame micro transactions will come to tell them the “casino garbage renter’s loot box” essay attempting to scare them off, but most likely failed…

I started saving gold (this time) immediately from the day Ashes launched. I missed up to 10 days worth (about 500g, so 5 packs) but I’ve logged in all the other days up till now. By expansion launch, it’s going to be 7500+ gold.

So that’s a free 75 packs without a bundle order. I reckon I would be closer to 80 if I didn’t take a break.

If you can sign in and play for a few minutes each day and you’re a FTP player, then I seriously recommend doing it. Collection building is so slow otherwise and you need a good few packs every time an expansion launches.

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The small pre-order together with some free packs from the release should get you virtually all the commons and rares. I dont think there is a need to safe gold for adventures and you will keep getting gold during the season as well.

With 8500 gold you could skip the pre-order though your dust amount is somewhat low.
If i get the pre-order (which i still havent decided upon yet,it will be a last minute decission) i will get the small one. 10k+ dust safed up and maybe another 5k+ in golden legendarys that are not relevant anymore and which could be disenchanted in case of emergency should be enough to craft the epics and legendarys that i would like to have.

With limited amount of resources i think you should focus on ~3 different classes max. There will be a lot of nerfs again during the coming season i expect so the classes you chose at the start might end up beeing low tier relatively soon.
That doesnt have to be a problem though,if you pick the classes that you like. You can still have fun if you like the deck and class even if they are somewhat low tier.
Probably best to skip the most powerfull class at start of the expansion unless you really like the class and deck,as that one will be the most likely to see a quick nerf though thats a bit of a gamble.

It used to be ~80 or 90. I have not recalculated since after triplicate protection though, which did leave me with at least one of every epic from the expansion which is the first time that’s ever happened so it is definitely a significant change needing consideration