Can Captain's Parrot, Elite Tauren Chieftain, and Gelbin Mekkatorque be gotten from Classic packs after patch 20.0 goes live?

Per title, will it be possible to unpack Captain’s Parrot, Elite Tauren Chieftain, or Gelbin Mekkatorque from Classic packs after patch 20.0 goes live (when the new Core set and Classic Mode are introduced)?

the beta rewards? i can only imagine the outcry if that were to happen. i would assume not ever, if i were to guess.

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Gold ETC and Gelbin were rewards for Blizzcon and using the shop in Beta and the normal version could only be crafted, so they will not be in packs. Also, Captain’s Parrot was only obtainable if you had all Pirates from Classic (same as Murk-eye), and I do believe (can’t find the source right now) that you will be able to only get it the same way.

Captain’s Parrot and Old Murk-Eye will be available via achievements after the patch (for owning all Classic Pirates and all Classic Murlocs, respectively). Essentially, they’re getting their old requirements back, but now as acheivements.

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