Bye Bye Quests off to wild you go

It feels like yesterday when everyone was screaming about how the quests ruined the game. Soon, they will be gone to wild:(

I rather enjoy playing Quest priest. It’s to bad though in a way, because quest priest was extremely weak when it came out and it’s really only been viable in the last year so. It doesn’t even feel like it’s been around as long as the others, when it actually has.

I frankly hate quests myself I never had one from pulls and didn’t feel like crafting but there sadly might be more quests in next or this set.

I’m pretty sure you’re right, they have had quests in the past with previous expansions, and then we saw new ones with Stormwind. However, I feel that they won’t bring out new quest for at least another year. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m predicting.

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It sounds and feels like you are one angry person (at least with Blizzard or Hearthstone) and are just lashing out. No one really cares what you do with your collection, and you posting about it proves you need validation from peers for what you want to do.

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I’m sorry, what?

How in the world did you get “It sounds and Feels like you are on angry person” from this post?

If that’s is what you got from it, then thats all you because in no way was I angry or upset or feeling negative in any way when I wrote this.

I was simply stating how the quests are going to Wild. I’m actually going to miss them. The reality is everything eventually rotates. Stormwind was actually my favourite expansion. However, it wasn’t for most. There were plenty of posts from players when that expansion hit bashing blizzard because of the quests, how super aggro the game was. Stormwind control decks were not viable at the launch of that expansion, and so I understand why a lot of players were upset.

Loved Quest Mage, Quest Hunter, Quest Warrior, and Quest Warlock. I love Quest Priest, but the reality is, when it launched with Stormwind there were not many cards that synergized with quest priest, making it to slow to compete with other Stormwind quests. Stormwind was a super aggro expansion. Games normally didn’t last past round 7. It was probably the least played Stormwind Quest along with Paladin. However, it did get better over time as I mentioned and for the past year, it’s been a lot of fun to play.

Then you go on with…

I"m sorry what are you talking about? This thread has nothing to do with with my collection.

Then you go on with…

I’m sorry what?

Posting to get validation from peers for what I want to do? I don’t need validation, I don’t care what people think about me, I come to the Hearthstone discussion forum to Discuss hearthstone related topics.

I would suggest that if your going to comment on a thread, you might want to make sure that what you’re contributing to the conversation is actually related to what the thread is about. Rather than accusing someone of being angry and seeking peer validation.

I can’t complain about the quests. I played quest mage for a bit up front and had fun with it despite not quite having the best cards. Then quest warrior with the pirates got me playing warrior, a class I could barely stand to touch until then. About the time everyone started to complain about how unfair quest Hunter was I crafted one of those decks and had the best run of my life in Wild, something like 15 straight wins in a row, rocketing all the way up to a hair’s breadth from Legend at Diamond 1. I’d never even gotten out of gold before, and do not have the time and energy to get back to platinum even, so it was a new, shiny, and unique thing for me. Of course it messed up my MMR and I lost every game for the next two months, but hey, it was still a rush.

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the paladin questline was my favorite, i hope it goes to the core set

I don’t know if they would actually make any of the quests apart of the core set. But then again, I have no clue what will be included as anything is possible. It would be nice if they kept the hero legendary cards.

When it comes to the Paladin quest line, I’ve only come across it a few times throughout the last 2 years. It’s probably the least played quest I’ve seen my opponents play. I personally have only played it a few times myself. I must say though, the animation for the minion you get was really well done.

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it became almost impossible to do after last years rotation due to losing the scholomance cards

Yeah, that’s what I dread when it’s rotation time. lol, you get used to so many good cards that you rely then poof… all gone.

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Hate quests, although I do love Steam Cleaning the Priest’s shard.

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