Bye bye litch king signature cards!

I am so happy that When the next expansion launches, I will be able to delete these UGLY signature cards from my collection. I hope that I never get another Litch King signature card EVER again.

I will say this though, I will be a little annoyed if Blizzard sets the disenchant level below the value of a Golden Legendary card. Why you ask… because I didn’t get any GOLDEN Legendary cards in my MEGA bundle last time, just 2 really ugly, poorly designed, eye sores of legendary signature cards that were put in place of the Golden Legendary cards.

The new Signature cards look really well done. They way they should have been done when Litch king Dropped.


i love the lich king signature cards, they really fit the undead theme, like all the life was drained from the cards

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Well I’m glad you like them. I can’t wait to get rid of them. They could have done a way better job and even Blizzard acknowledge how much of a flop these cards were.

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to each their own, im glad you get to DE them

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Honestly, I am glad that some people did end up liking them. Sadly though, most didn’t. So it wasn’t a total flop, but big enough that they did acknowledge how they let us down and whatever else they went on about in the “WE LET YOU DOWN POST” they put up.

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They look fine tbh just they should be animated and effects in a tooltip like they’ll be from Festival and sets onward.


It’s interesting though, because when I initially wrote about the cards when they came out, I wasn’t shy about expressing how disappointed I was in them, especially considering how they hyped them up.

I had mentioned how they talked about wanting the art to stand out, I had wrote that they should have made the text a pop out of some type, and not have the writing cover the art like they do with the litch king card because they are just like regular cards. I also talked about how Golden cards have animations, and that if Signature cards were suppose to feel speical to collect, there should have been animiation in them as well.

The good news is, the new signature cards will have both of those incorporated into the overall design, and from the two cards that were shown in news post about them, they look really good. So I’m actually excited to see them when they come out. I do feel they took feedback seriously from players about the signature cards. I mean, they even wrote a post apologizing how they failed deliver on the Litch king signature cards.

And I genuinely feel they should have given 2 Golden Legendaries to players who purchased the Mega bundle as they ended up getting 2 Legendary Signature cards that failed to deliver.

I must have missed a post because my understanding is that these cards can’t be disenchanted.

Currently, Signature cards can not be disenchanted. However, when the new expansion launches, more specifically when Patch 26.0 goes live, and the patch normally goes live 1 week before the expansion hits, signature cards will be able to be disenchanted but not crafted. :slight_smile:

It’s in the announcement article for the new expansion in the news section on the hearthstone site.

I agree. The lich king signature cards are pretty lackluster(literally). Won’t d/e mine, as I like to have all the cards. However, I can’t wait for the next expac. It’d be kinda cool if Blizz made signature cards for previous expacs, too. How neat would it be to get a signature Pen Flinger?

Oh yeah that would be cool, or how about a card that does an animation when you play it and replays that animation when it attacks, like pen flinger flinging his pen at the enemy when you use his battlecry.

Omg… I literally just paid attention to your battletag… and I love it!!! :slight_smile:

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Dunno why Blizzard isnt rework the Lich King Signature cards, like the new ones in the Festival expansion. Are they lazy?

They should change signature cards so you can’t disenchant them, but instead can select from the regular and golden legendary artwork.

Agreed, they should have reworked the cards just like you said.

Well, making them disenchantable makes sense, because what if you already have a golden version of the card? You wouldn’t be able to craft a second golden copy because the max is one, then you would be forced to pick a regular one which you would just disenchant to get the lowest amount of dust back. Wouldn’t feel very good if they did that. It would feel like another slap in the face.

Blizzard doesn’t want to give the dust, but I don’t like the look and still want to use the card. Letting us use the other versions satisfies both.

Like I would be happy if they let us convert them into golden versions, at least the Legendary ones. The more I think about it though, I never dust anything, I can see it now, I’m going to dust these cards and then they are going to rework them. lol.

They made more than the 2 cards in signature form? All ive ever seen is the plaguespreader zombie deathrattle card and the gargoyle deathrattle one. I havent encountered any other cards in that form. I have gotten those 2 in their non signature form and thought they were severely lower in quality than their signature versions. I liked the signature style and thought the artwork was leaps and bounds above and beyond the standard artstyle the game usually uses. If there are other signature variants of whatever the current set is, lich king right? which cards did they make Signature?

Yeah, there’s a tone of them. I have 3 legendary signature cards and a bunch of other ones. I don’t even now which ones cuz I never use them.

Cual paquete MEGA? el de 80 sobres? y solo 2 legendarias? amigo, tiene todo el derecho de quejarte y no es sarcasmo. Por probabilidad deberias sacar al menos 4 legendarias ya que sale 1 cada 20 sobres, envia tu carta de reclamo.