Buy Wild Packs with Gold


Hi Blizzard. Please let players buy wild packs with gold.


I would love this option, but I doubt they would.


Lots of people have requested this feature already. The only answer we only ever got is “We’re considering it.”

That answer was given about three years ago. Sadly, I assume that means they’ve reached a decision. I haven’t actively played any HS for over a year now, just keep lurking in the forums in the hopes that they might change their mind about this again at some point.


Wild packs with gold and money. Just give the option to buy a shìt load


The problem is that they would really need to revamp the pack system for a wild pack. 5 cards from a single rotated expansion would be too inefficient at current pricing to build a collection.

If they did half the price for a few more cards and called it “the wild pack” that spanned all possible expansions wild sets, then I could see it making sense.

I’m hoping wild will get some more love in April. The two formats will actually start to look dramatically different after that


Ive requested that before and i agree with you too !


They could have an “Into the Wild” event- a wild bundle, with 1 or 2 packs from each set, wild packs as TB and quest rewards, etc. I dont mind paying real money for wild packs, but, as someone said earlier, it would be good to be able to get a whole bunch at once.


I requested that before and i agree with you too !


I bet my house the reason they don’t want to implement it is because “it can confuse players into buying wild packs instead of standard ones”.


Of course they will confuse them into buying wild packs “by accident”, but I don’t think that is reason enough not to do it. Some big warning labels about not being able to play these cards in the standard format when you buy them and it will be the players own fault, not Blizzards.


wild cards need dust price same as disenchant price!


If Blizzard wants to make Wild great again they must implement this change. What this format needs is influx of new players. Especially after this year rotation when Wild and Standard finally will be two totally different beigns. As an old player pretty, pretty please? :slight_smile:


I don’t like it. Wild mode is for you spend money! However, I support wild mode promos, but, I didn’t buy the last wild promo bundle in january.


They did a few months back. They offered a one time deal of 20 pack of 4 different expansions for $19.99. I wanted to buy more but could only get one purchase since it was a special.


Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. It really helped getting some older cards.


This would be nice ;p


and wild adventures too please