Bug "Ray of Frost" with "Celestial Emissary"


Hi all,
Sorry for my english, i just wanted to report a bug of the interaction between “Ray of Frost” with “Celestial Emissary”. In fact, the result is only 2 damages and not 4 damages. Anyone could test it, and confirm it.
If the bug is real, could you correct it?
Thanks all


I imagine you cast Celestial Emissary, Ray of Frost (to freeze), then Ray of Frost (to damage).

Celestial Emissary’s Spell Damage only affects the next spell you cast, even if that spell does no damage. A lot of people get caught out on this, typically with The Coin.

Next time, try Ray of Frost, Celestial Emissary, then Ray of Frost.


True, nothing more to say, thanks you BrknSoul!