Bug problem netherwind portal

Hi. I played a game of Hearthstone for Big Priest against Secret Mage. The mage played two secrets - oasis ally and netherwind portal. He had several creatures on his desk, I had an archmage vargoth. I used hysteria after which only the first secret worked. After I resurrected archmage vargoth the second worked. Because of this, I lost the game. Please give me back my winning streak and lost star.

Please share the screenshots you made when this happened. If you play with an addon that uploads games to hsreplay, provide that link too.
In order to determine what caused this to happen, it is very important that Blizzard knows all details of the board state at that time.

I have no screenshots. I played on iphone.

if enemy have only 1 board space ( 6 minions ) , 1st secret triggered making board full, second secret didn’t have space to summon the 4 mana minion so it didnt trigger.