Breath of dreams

Breath of dreams (2 mana cost druid rare) is bugged.
It says (not quoting here) draw a card, if you hold a dragon, get an empty mana crystal.
I have played this multiple times with dragon in hand and full crystals, and never did I receive an “excess mana - draw a card” spell card as a substitute for the empty crystal which I couldn’t get.
(I did get the empty crystal when I did not have full mana yet.)
Please fix this or explain why it doesn’t work like all other cards which reward with a draw card when excess mana is unattainable.

Only a few specific cards have the Excess Mana mechanic.
These are Wild Growth, Pilfered Power, Astral Communion and Overgrowth.

The reasoning behind these specific cards is that they would otherwise do nothing at 10 mana. Breath of Dreams still draws you a card at 10 mana.

All other cards that would grant mana also do something else, or provide an alternate choice.
For example, Nourish has the alternate option of drawing cards, or Innervate can be played after playing another card first and still gain its effect.

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