Braggart gets a bit ridiculous in Battlegrounds

I just made a 541,000,000+/327,000,000+ Braggart in BG’s. I feel like this mechanic is kinda broken. Granted, I got slightly lucky leveling up with pirates for extra gold, but once on tier 7, all I had to do was roll for braggarts and pirates that make a friendly golden.
Maybe braggart shouldn’t multiply its own stats? Oh, and this is the biggest one I got, but if you have had bigger statted ones, post below!

freeimage .host/i/JniDjbj
freeimage .host/i/JniDNzx

had somone running quilboar/beast with the play death rattles at start of turn minion go 1.3 mill/1.3mill on their main minions.