Boomsday Puzzle Freeze

During the puzzle Zerek 5/5 I followed the guide from [Metabomb]
and right after I play whirlwind, my game stops. I can press esc but clicking leave or trying to restart does nothing. I read that with recent patches this adventure has been buggy at best and impossible at worst. Anyone got any ideas?

edit: it seems to be the whirlwind causing the issue. I’ve tried restarting multiple times, and nothing seems to help.

No, the softlock happens because of new Charge (http s://www.hearthpwn.c om/cards/500136-charge) card when you try to attack with charged minion or play another card after that one. This issue is easily fixed in other puzzle (Lil stormy, 4/7) by restart but for some reason it doesn’t help on Zerek. Only logging out for 2 hours ends this “fight”.

Since Zerek’s puzzle can’t be solved without Charge I can’t offer anything better than wait for next hotfix.

Yep I’m having the exact same issue right now, hopefully will be fixed soon!

It’s fixed. You can get your card back now