Book of Heroes/Mercenaries

I’m longtime player returning from a year break and I have absolutely loved the book of heroes and mercenaries game modes. I’ve only dabbled in other Warcraft games so this is my introduction to a lot of the lore. I’ve loved learning about characters and their motivations and it’s made hearthstone feel deeper and richer. Hearthstone has always felt like a simple off-shoot from Warcraft and these have tied things together very well. The storytelling in these is better than any other single player adventure imo and the fights often take on fun themes. Other adventures’ stories just seemed like a backdrop for the cards while these feel like the opposite. The stories are coherent and interesting, with each fight making sense in the character’s journey. Sure, it’s not as interactive as the other deck building modes but in those I would often build the same decks and never felt forced to branch out and try new archetypes. I’m also not a great deck builder so they could be frustrating. Book of heroes made me play pre-made decks that were out of my comfort zone in a relatively stress-free environment while delivering the most compelling hearthstone story content to date. I doubt I’ll be replaying them any time soon but I will be very excited to play future stories in this format.


I also mostly enjoyed them, but you can tell they’re very low effort compared to the other single player campaigns we’ve had in the past.

The dungeon runs have tons of replayability and the other ones at least have challenge mode. Book of heroes is just a one off that feels really lacking in comparison.

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