Bolvar Fordragon

I can’t even… How do you beat this bs?

Does playing those books always have to be like a painful chore each time? I like challenges but every new boss is just: what OP power will he have, what OP deck will he have, what crappy deck will I have, only 3 more challenges, only two more, thank god last one challenge…all this pain for 40dust. Why bother?

Reaching legend for a first time was much less frustrating than this imo.

But… hate aside, I need serious help and tips on this. Feels like a total rng fiesta. What do I have to do?

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You just need to activate the dormant minion as fast as possible by playing demons. Then combo with spells and the mega-fury to kill the new minions that spawn each turn. eventually you can start getting hits on the hero/

I’ve tried this about 5 times now. I sometimes get at 6 out of 7 minions necessary, but I NEVER draw the 7th! Just Spell after Spell after Spell… oh, I’m dead.

mulligan til you have double backfire / malganis / voidlord in hand

hope you draw into removal.

don’t always clear his board if it’s gonna board lock him and it isn’t all HUGE minions because he is an AI and plays bad.

he will use his hero power even if he has 7 minions on board and it literally does nothing

always leave his 1/3 up that summons two 1/1 minions because it board locks him.

once you get anetheron out he cleaves and has mega windfury so you pretty much win

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Finally done it, and yeah, Malganis + Voidlord is the trick. The AI suddenly becomes braindead when that shows up on the board and becomes ridiculously reluctant to attack, giving you many free turns.

Still isn’t an easy battle though, the AI is bugged and summons minions with the +3 Health gain from the Hero Power multiple times (the same bug as the C’Thun bug?), which can make it difficult getting through with Anetheron.


Clear big minions, leave the minion that summons two 1/1 let him fill his board with it, and u keep going face, while he hits u with 1/1 7dmg per turn…u win easly

Finally did it. Thank you for your help. The tip with allowing him to create a weak board with 1/1 did the trick.


Happy it worked out for ya, at start was like nah this can’t be legit…but finally saw the sulotion

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The deck you have just doesn’t have nearly enough card draw; even playing correctly if you don’t draw the right cards you’re 100% dead no matter what.

The main two “strategies” are either have the heart of the cards or cheese him with the caravans spawning too many 1/1s.

Just dumb luck, honestly. You just have to hope you draw enough demons fast enough. Fight needs a bit of a nerf in my opinion. I finally managed to beat it with literally 1hp left and no cards in the deck.

Its just utterly disasterous design. Either get completely lucky. Or lose 100% of the time. Give anetheron 8 or 10 damage and a immunity. Either way, garbage design whoever made this clearly is either new or just really bad at design.

U mean the minion that gets taunt automatically when pulled from his deck? You must be playing a different game in a different universe. It helps to get unlock the minion but you cant do damage to face it will have taunt.

You probably just a bad player that’s all.