Bold prediction: Druid & Paladin nerfs incoming

About time I updated my opinion now that the expansion is out. As I thought before the xpac was released, I do still believe Druid and Pally will be the first to face nerfs, but now I’m considering other cards.

Druid: still think guardian animals is likeliest to take a hit.

Paladin: Most likely is now Argent Braggart, up to 3 or even 4 mana

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its going take a month or 2 to get nerf.

The meta looks atm healthy imo, not like in AoO.

Druid’s nut draw plays are absurd, but I don’t see it getting more than a tap to Guardian.

Paladin is really solid, but other than Braggart (which would be fine at 3 mana) I don’t know if they’ll need a nerf or if the meta could adjust to counter them with enough decks instead.

Having mostly played Mozaki Combo Mage, I’m lowkey worried if it gets too popular that Mozaki might get nerfed to 6. My hope is that, as usual, enough people suck at playing fragile Combo decks that it never becomes a meta-warping deck and sits at “Tier 3”.

Other than that and Illucia being obnoxious by design, there really don’t seem to be any disproportionately overpowered cards/plays.

Kael’thas is the number one card that needs nerfing really. He shouldn’t trigger from 0 cost spells. Other than that, Troublemaker and Braggart are both cards that I could see getting nerfed.

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i still say players are sleeping on that Mindrender Priest card.
I think it will be in every priest deck before long.

It probably will be but it comes with its own built in drawback of sometimes giving your opponent outs they wouldn’t have had otherwise. A decent amount of skill is needed to really make the card work

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I mean, it’s ok, but not broken in today’s era. Played early and mindrender lets you remove and play a few things from the opponents’ hand with little to no repreucutions. Played late, you can do some damage to their hand, but harm yourself as well when they mess with your hand.

Played one recently where the opponent used it on turn 3, he used my coin and a 1 mana minion, while I could do nothing with his high cost stuff. I proceeded to demolish him anyway. As bad as messing with your opponents’ deck or hand always sounds, it’s very rarely as bad as it seems in practice. Dirty rat was maybe the only one I can think of that was very oppressive back then due to all the combo decks that existed in that meta. Not sure it would be so bad today.

It’s a card that would’ve been broken in a previous era, but today we aren’t that combo oriented.

The only nerf I think we actually need is for Kael’thas to get an early Hall of Fame retirement. Druid would be much fairer without being able to cheat Survival of the Fittest and Guardian Animals on turns 5-6. Even with their ramp package, removing Kael’thas would slow them down enough that they can’t just create an overwhelming advantage before the opponent has the resources to respond.

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he should trigger from 0 cost spells like it does now

but if they change something it should be making it once a turn

Kael needs to goto 8 at least.

They need to remove the whole reduction to 0 mechanic.
0 mana cards such as lightning bloom, forbidden words ect… are fine but the reduction of a (example)6 down to 0 is stupid. Should really be capped at 1

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their is a deck abomination incomming: the freeze mage OTK and it will destroys the druid and paladin but god this deck is awfull for the game

there is no need
and no we dont need preparation to be indirectly nerfed either

Kael’thas drop down to 6 mana but costs 1 spell would be a more appropriate nerf. It was stupid to have it cost 0 to begin with, and my initial suggestion of nerfing that card was to have it be at 1 to minimize the chain of combos, yet let it be possible to make some crazy swing turns.

Secret Passage also needs nerfed. Drop to 3 cards would be more appropriate. Or bump the cost to 3.

Voracious Reader needs to be nerfed to 3 mana as well. I can’t believe they got away with Powercreeped Jeeves. At 4 mana and the downside, Jeeves is still a played card. 2 mana and no downside was just downright stupid.

This set has so much powercreep I can see 10 cards getting nerfed at least. So much powah!

Whaaaaat? Run tech cards? Most braindead players have refused to run tech cards for a long time or think 1 ooze is a tech card or 1 owl. It was funny how tempo rogue was utterly destroyed by unseen sabo yet nobody used it back when it was released so they demanded a nerf to the deck. There are so many viable tech cards but nope just gotta run only cards that go face or make big minions.

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That’s their new thing. They probably have 4 sets of nerfs ready for the coming months to act like they’re actively adapting.

This meta isn’t nearly as out of whack as doom in the tomb, the opening 2 weeks of dod, or the opening 2 months of aoo.

I believe the meta may actually be able to adapt to these decks given time.

I don’t even know how it is possible to put a laggard class like paladin in the same category as druid which is just an unstoppable powerhouse.