Bloodsworn Mercenary or Kor Kron Elite need nerfing badly

The combo of these two minions with Inner Rage needs to be fixed. Too devastating, I just lost in one turn, a warrior did 22 damage in ONE TURN!

This stupid combo needs to be nerfed so Warriors cannot create 2 Kor Krons with 11 dmg each. Maybe Inner rage needs to be nerfed so it can only be used on damaged minions. The caveat here is Inner Rage, this card is currently broken when used with Bloodsworn and Kor Kron. This is worse that Leeroy Jenkins.

What do you guys think?


I’m sorry … but no, i don’t think neither of them are a huge problem … i mean that 22 damage in one turn could’ve been easily avoided by a single taunt … so the Warrior needed either removal or silence, not to mention the combo cards … so is not that easy to pull ir off … not saying is weak, in fact Warrior is one of the best classes right now, but i don’t really think they would need another nerf.

Agreed. I’m genuinely surprised that they avoided that issue when nerfing Warrior. A cost increase for Bloodsworn was the correct way to go.

The devs will get there eventually, but you just have to accept their inconsistent logic re effects such as charge as well as how long it takes them to realise an issue.

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Also we need to nerf warlock and mage. 3 turns in a row must be nerfed. T8 mechatun combo must be nerfed

People saying just play a taunt minion are completely missing the fact you might not have drawn a taunt minion because RNG.

So what they are saying is unlucky gg because you didnt draw a taunt?


But the Warrior has to draw at minimum 3 cards for the combo (Kor’kron, Bloodsworn, Inner Rage). If draw RNG makes the counter strategy (taunt) unreliable, then the actual combo is three times (broadly speaking) as unreliable.

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You think that’s bad?? wait till a hunter plays 3 or 4 king krushes on you in a single round bro. Come cry to me with your sad story after you’ve been eaten by dinosaurs 3 or 4 times. Sorry, not a lot of sympathy from me here because I’ve already been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt.

At least they nerfed Scav’s Ingenuity…that card leads to getting hit in the face with 3 charge boars, 2 10/10s and a 7/7 for 3 mana. That sucks too. Warrior is not a problem but I do agree that nerfing Bloodsworn Mercs cost a point or 2 to discourage abuse probably wouldn’t be bad.

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They already nerfed it by putting Leeroy Jenkins into HoF.

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Blood sworn is epic though. Most people don’t have it. I don’t even have a single copy in both my accounts.