Blizzard not responding to ban appeals

Blizzard developers aren’t actually responding to people wanting to appeal their bans from the forums. They just let bots do the repeated talking. The bots use the same response in every single email, saying the outcome is the “correct” one, when it isn’t.

We need humans responding to our appeals. At least they’ll get the job done right.


It is the players who police this forum since after x report the person gets an automatic ban, this causes censorship (which is illegal) but blizzard doesn’t care, since when does blizzard care about their players or of the law (yes the illegal rigging algorithm)? they only care about one thing money $$$.

Look at what he does with the game, aggro decks with max draw, board clean spells (the aggro paladin for example), ramp + mana cheat for the aggro druid (yes 200% stupid), buffs who have become stupid. In short, this game is just a big garbage for brainless people.


Disagree. I’ve been suspended a few times, and I’ve appealed, and I’ve actually had responses by real people.


I’ve only had responses from bots.


I mean. To be honest the game is targeted to getting people to spend money. If you aren’t talking money they really won’t care. If they did they’d fix a lot of the issues with broken cards, bots and the terrible matchmaking system in a much faster and effective way.

This issue was exposed as problematic before it was implemented year ago, and their response was to ban the person who exposed it.

Turning stuff over to bots instead of real people is never the answer, but the poor multibillion dollar company can’t afford real customer service for this kind of thing, just like they can’t afford to upgrade their servers, game infrastructure, and so on.


No it isnt? Have you never heard of Network Television shows mentioning how certain things would never get past the censors? Its completely legal for a private company, incorporation, business, group, etc to censor. If you wanna be “derpy derp 1st amendment” then you obviously dont have a clue about it because you dont understand its meaning at all. The only ones banned from the act of censorship of any type are the lawmakers, Congress. Everyone and everything else is free to do as they please tho because they arent making the laws.


And some high quality straw manning, as usual.

Naturally, this has nothing to do with the overuse of bots in the whole process, and the larger issue of the decline in customer service since this was implemented.

Funny, someone used to complain about this kind of “cherry picking.”

It’s clear the botting is having a negative impact on the game, especially the company’s own bots (in game and outside of it), but they just don’t care, and the fact their big “look guise, we care about botting but our big ban wave did zero about the issue (and our latest patch notes even announces MORE of them being added!)” announcement was such a joke they quietly unpinned it to let it sink without any fanfare.

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I was directly addressing the clearly false premise the person proposed that censorship is illegal. It isnt. The only way I can fathom someone getting that false notion is to not have a good understanding of the 1st amendment. The only thing even remotely close to that idea is that congress shall make no law restricting the people’s ability to speak what they want. But that doesnt forbid anyone else from doing such things on their property, their platforms, etc. Whether that is online forums, within a game chat, on a tv program, in a streaming app, within their buildings, in another person’s home. All of those are free to establish rules for their own places as they see fit and censorship is absolutely allowed within those parameters.

the bot issue is just a reality of automation replacing people’s jobs. This has been happening since the 19somethings… Dont like it? Go vote for a change. Can’t find it as a ballot item? Go make it one. Can;t get your elected officials to back it? Vote in someone that will. Be the change in the world you want to see.

But you are right, it didnt have anything to do with the bot issue. Thats why I corrected the person about that singular point they were very far off from being correct on. Not a straw man at all, but merely a correction. It is amazing how many people have a poor understanding of the 1st amendment to think no one at all can impede another persons speech, which is very false. Hence the “derpy derp 1st amendment” description of what I envisioned a possible retort would be.

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Which may or may not be true, hint the best way to avoid having to make ban appeals is not get banned.

But since most players have no input on the possible use of bots to respond to banned players, we respond to the only thing that is black and white.

This is a forum maintained by a company, there is no free speech here and no law on censorship will apply.

so the post was blah blah blah which may or may not be true and a lie.

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ehhhh in case you didnt read the OP this isnt about the game

i think they dont see is worth paying someone to answer forum bans appeals on a barely active forum

Why would you bother to appeal bans? It’s not a very big deal.

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So, the police only pull over the guilty, eh?

Now imagine everyone who the police pull over get tagged in a system where people use the “report crime” feature for “I dislike you.”

That’s what’s going on here and in game, except now instead of real people in those forum/game police cruisers responding to those calls…they have bots.

Ah, the old “private companies can do whatever they want” nonsense. Note, for anyone who knows anything about history, that many “private organizations” tried this line to deny service based on this kind of reasoning, and it failed. And just like many places are being successfully sued on 1st Amendment grounds, notably university campuses. And social media companies are fast joining them when they cross the line from platform into publisher, and when their own government uses the platforms as a cutout to censor people and organizations indirectly.

It’s scary how little americans don’t understand their own constitution.


Time to start another card.

And in case anyone wasn’t paying attention, we now have the new company line which will be used to shut down all the feedback they don’t care to listen to anyway: “MUH FORUMS AREN’T ACTIVE!” even though the not so latest patch notes have over 13 and 16 thousand views (unique) respectively.

Now keep in mind, if they can’t maintain interest, that’s a company and game problem (a big part of it that maybe the devs haven’t actually posted here since BEFORE THE PANDEMIC!)…but you’ll never catch one of the pro company crowd admitting that.

Maybe the company should do more on their actual forums and website before they start another fake campaign to shut something down like they did classic.

I wasn’t replying to the op. Might want to run a defrag and virus scan, since you couldn’t pick that one up.

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That’s what I’m talking about, and that’s how my ban appeals on the WoW forums are being denied.

I’d be back on the forums if real people were responding.

It’s a HUGE deal.

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To be fair they won’t even respond to the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world calling them on their shady practices from equality issues, to sexual harassment, to blatant greed… heck there are so many examples of extortion Blizzard uses to get people to spend money on their games in order to get a “chance” at a leg up. Not even a guarantee but a “chance”.

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Nothing can convince me this is not a paid comment.

Every single time I’ve tried to appeal it was a bot masquerading as a human, they respond with the ChatGPT response after force-closing the ticket so you can’t respond back.

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Don’t forget the “if you still have issues you can reopen the ticket” they still cut/paste at the end of every one as an extra middle finger to the playerbase.

I miss the old days when you could call in and get a real human.

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the patch notes views must come from reddit which is way more active than this forum and a link to the patch notes is posted over there too

im not even sure they ever perma ban anyone in this forum everyone so far only mentioned being suspened for less than a week

Don’t forget having actiblizz board members political contributions to their governor who then directly interfered in the harassment investigation by firing the lead prosecutor! And then that same board going on to post “we investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.”

“site views from this website must come from a different website”

Obvious lies are obvious


Next, I’m sure something even more dishonest will be posted like “metrics from another game can help hearthstone!”

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Check out the guy that thinks anything said that doesnt align with their view on things is an obvious lie. It must be a sad home there. I feel badly for the guy.

Heaven forbid someone mention an alternate explanation that is also possible, let alone, very credible and easily a likely reason to contribute to said views. But No, its an obvious lie because you must always have a target to malign and accuse to continue being the local Heel.

Do you have the ability to talk to anyone here without being such a bot-like response of pre-programmed accusations of others and your playing the victimhood? Can you even post without manipulating a quote and blatantly and purposefully not understanding what you are quoting to the point of gaslighting your own point?

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