Big priest nerf incoming?

Too strong same as rogue full board at turn 4…can’t continue playing like this

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apparently not. those morons think that big priest is fine,apparently.


i think they want to see if rogue is stopping decks that could counter big priest. just speculation though, what human knows the mind and motivation of another human?

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im assuming you mean in wild? blizz said many time they not gonna balance wild unless something REALLY BROKEN and i guess they think its fine atm


most of the time tey dont do nothing until turn 6 feels like rogue DR is more consistent

big scam priest isn’t as consistent as scam rogue.

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Rogue player makes sneaky suggestion to the devs with scam thread title. golfclap

Rogue can do combo much faster and with much more consistency than priest. Only way to do turn 2-3 combo is to get Shadow Essence reduced by 3 mana with Illuminate,and thats rare. In 50 games i played with that deck got Shadow Essence of Illuminate only 2 times. Rogue is much much more consistant. I guess they are ok with turn 5-6, Cause so many hyper aggro decks can finish the job before that.

Rogue gets their big minions in turn 2

Get good, stop complaining or don’t play kid

I’m your guide, everything u learnt is from me…be quiet now son.

The sad thing is, i think you actually believe what you say. First i replied how you talk to everyone else (very toxic with zero critical thought/input, you seem to struggle to bring constructive thought into a discussion or take when said back to you). And what do you mean by “you’re my guide”?.. are some kind of Hearthstone guru or something that people follow?. Because i been playing from day one, never built/copied or played a netdeck ever and still reach the highest ranks AND i’ve put retired cards back on the map that streamers start to use once they see me winning with said cards(seriously i’ve put so many cards back into the meta), so what on earth are you on about basement dweller.

Quit complaining about Priest if you’re that good and beat priest

Like i said, mebey have issues reading, get good get on my level and stoo acting like you’re good. N PLZ

I’m assuming you use netdecks(nothing wrong with that but nothing to brag about),i never ever have and played from the first weeks of release, and i could point out my decks used by youtubers in the past by streamers(but won’t because you wouldn’t believe even if i showed you the replies from them to me thanking for the full card list many times). If you tell me you’re high ranks not using netdecks i will concede you’re as good as me. However, my first reply was no different to how to reply to EVERYONE else, deal with it.

Ofc u need to use netdecks or u won’t be able to climb depending on the class ofc. Most classes can’t climb using homebrew especially in wild and it’s proven, u might win some but you will definitely lose to a tier deck.

Didn’t bother reading your reply, go away lol, stop going on lol, move on :slight_smile: it’s no biggie

“Quit complaining about Priest if you’re that good and beat priest”

I think you mean… If you are a decent player you would stop complaining a find a winning strategy. You must have taken English in a special education class room; or maybe you were home schooled. Either way you should learn to write a sentence, or stick to your native language.

attacking people for not having perfect english when saying